Rockin' Math Board Game {Review & Giveaway}

I have been wanting to include more board games in our homeschool for awhile now, so I jumped at the chance to review Rockin' Math - the "totally amped up board game" by Educational Insights.

In Rockin' Math, you start jammin' as a Garage Band, then work your way up to a Recording Studio, attend a Release Party, shop at Glitz Mall, perform in benefit concerts, and finally work your way up to the International Music Awards to win the game. Each venue is a different category of questions and all questions relate to the life of an up and coming rock star - a living math game for kids who love rock music! But don't worry - your dad is your bands official tour bus driver and the message is positive.

The box is the board game and the questions are on giant guitar pics that ride in the stretch limo. The pieces and board are sturdy and well made. I was concerned about the fact that the box is the game (I have several game boxes that are taped together), but the box is more sturdy than a typical board game. The cards come wrapped in cellophane so they will need a sandwich sized plastic baggie to store them in once they are opened so they don't get mixed up.

Your child answers three questions to move on to the next venue - so at least 15 math questions per game, unless you get a private pass to move ahead or there is a setback and you have to move back a space.

The game is designed for ages 8+ or grades 3+, and targeted at grades 3-4. I played the game with my third grader and the questions were a challenge, but doable. I also had my 1st grader tag along for fun (both were super excited to play!) and the game is playable with a first grader with some help. I used each question as a teaching opportunity and then let her answer the question.

Rockin' Math teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, percentages, fractions, and more, but in a fun and engaging way!

As you can see above, Malachi (age 8 1/2) gives the game 2 thumbs up! His review: "It's cool. I give it 4 1/2 stars [out of 5]. I like math a lot. But, it wasn't just classic math, it was fun math. It makes math a game and that is fun."

Educational Insights has offered to give Rockin' Math away to one of my US or Canadian readers! To enter, please use the rafflecopter on my blog! a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was asked to add sample questions from the game.  I'll include one from each venue, but keep in mind there are 220 cards in the game!

Garage Band: Your microphone cored is so tangled it won't reach the amp! The cord is actually 5 yards long, but with the knot it only stretches 8 feet. How many feet will the cord be, after you get it untangled?

Recording Studio: Your band's new demo CD includes 2 songs, "Kangaroo Dreams" and "Romp n' Rock." Kangaroo Dreams" is 3 1/4 minutes long. "Romp n' Rock" is 3 3/4 minutes long. What is the total time for both songs? (Multiple choice)

Glitz Mall: One of your bands singers found a great deal on purple explorer hats that were perfect for the band's opening song, "Purple Hat Slam." Thats cost $10 each. She bought 8 hats. True or False? The total cost of the hats was $72.

Release Party: Your band is blowing away the competition at the "Rock-ON" talent show! Last week, 2 judges gave you perfect scores of 10. The score from all 3 judges totaled 28. How would you figure out what the third judge scored your band? Multiple choice answer: A. 10+10+N=28 B. 10+10+28=N C. 28+10=N D. 3x10-28=N

Rock Relief: During the benefit concert to help flood victims, your band played 4 three-minute songs and 2 four-minute dance songs. You also tried to tell some jokes for 1 minute, but nobody laughed. Bummer! True or False: The expression (4x3) + (2x4) +1 would help you find the total number of minutes of your performance.

When I first read some of the questions, I thought they were kind of silly, but I realize this game is written for 8 years and up and the questions are designed to appeal to them, not me!

Disclosure: This review and giveaway is sponsored by Educational Insights. All opinions are my own and I am not required to write a positive review. See my disclosure policy for more information.