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focusing on simplifying my homeschool

spending time and energy on what's really important

staying home more days then I go out

doing less

saying no to say yes

knowing my limits

balancing exciting times with down time ~ makes special times more special

hearing the hum of the fan

loving our countertop oven for baking in the summer

baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with Bo

feeling assured

enjoying summer, watching the kids play in the sprinkler, and family hikes

drinking iced tea {decaf}

taking the kids to swimming twice a week

thankful that Luke is taking the kids to soccer camp and track & field

preparing for a new school year

working on curriculum choices

excited to share our row of Yellow Ball and My Blue Boat and anxious to row another book

needing to rethink how I blog after my site reached it's resource limit and went down

thinking about keeping my focus

missing my boys who are at NW Camp in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

wishing I was there, but happy to be home.


  1. Love it! Always trying to simplify around here too :)

  2. Love it!

    I did our first row with the younger 7 children this week while oldest was away at Girl's camp for church. We did Mike Mulligan and they loved it. So much fun!

  3. So glad you're enjoying some quiet time for reflecting!

  4. Lovely. Praying the Father gives you exactly what you need & the energy to execute it in this season of your life.

  5. Wow, you live in an absolutely beautiful place. I love your list :-)

  6. Amen to all of that!! I think many of us are feeling the same way right now.

  7. Yep, this sounds exactly the way I'm feeling. What a great list.

  8. Love the insight you share and such beautiful photos, too!

  9. Thanks, Cara! Always a work in progress, huh? :)

  10. Thanks, Tristan! And yes! I did see your posts about Mike Mulligan! I've been wanting to visit and say so! I hope to visit you soon!

  11. Thank you so much, Jessica! <3

  12. Beautiful words & pictures Michelle! Enjoy a more relaxed season. For our family, we have always needed plenty of down time, where we stay at home and relax. It seems to make both the on-the-go days AND the quite times all that more special.

  13. I am really loving this series. We are planning our next school year and I love the idea of slowing down a bit. I loved where you said "say no to say yes". For me I have family who always assume that since we homeschool I can do anything with them anytime I please. They forget we have schedules to keep and things to do. I love the idea of staying home more. That may mean we have to say no more, but being together as a family is never a bad thing. Thank you for all you share:)

    Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic
    Creating Beautiful on Less