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How to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful.

One of my favorite things is peace and quiet. I need lots of it to not only think and focus on mental tasks, but also to recharge my batteries.

Here are a few things we do to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful in our home:

  • Limit electronic stimulation, T.V.,and any loud or obnoxious noise or toys.

  • Speak in soft calm voices.

  • Take loud or rough play outdoors.

  • Spend time in nature, go on nature walks, and do nature study to promote thoughtfulness and peacefulness.

I've been making it a point to go on a nature walk at least twice a week and my children are loving it. On our last walk up into the beautiful Story Canyon, my little Bo said, "This is a good nature walk."  It was beautiful, peaceful, and yes, very good.
I'm on a quest to simplify our homeschool and I'd love to share with you what I'm learning along the way in a #Simplify Your Homeschool series.

I'd love for you to join me! Is your home quiet and peaceful? What works for you? Do you want more peace and quiet? I challenge you to pick at least one item from the list above and implement it in your home.


  1. We have been going on nature walks more frequently and I think this has been a great help for all of us. I am with you when it comes to that disturbing background noise: TV, iPhones, etc. The one area that always gets me is the hour or so before dinner. I can have a relatively peaceful house, but then it gets crazy. The nappers are up and energized, the others are just anxiously waiting for dad to come home and dinner. I get frazzled and then my husband walks into chaos. Believe it or not the day actually went well, but at that moment you would never know it :) I am looking forward to joining you on your quest!

  2. Oh, I know, believe me! It happens here too. I wonder what we could do to KEEP it peaceful? Our home is famous for 10 minute tidies just before dad comes home, but something inevitably happens, despite my best intentions to keep things calm and peaceful (and clean, LOL).

  3. AMEN, to all of this!!! All part of my goals for this upcoming school year.

  4. You're so awesome! I swear we have SO much in common!! I love peace and quiet and must retreat often. My house full of boys can get mighty loud!

    Can't wait to hear what you share.

    I've started implementing something that's helped a lot. When the boys don't have something to do, I give about three or four suggestions. Keeping them busy helps with the noise. Once their done with whatever they've picked I suggest more things.

    With it being summer, they have way too much time on their hands.

    We're also doing some art from Deep Space Sparkle. I loooover her website!! LOVE IT.

    Also, enjoying having a library, and parks. Our city has an amazing library!!! I'm in love!

    Still hoping there will be some way we can meet before I go back to Thailand in 2016.

  5. Deep Space Sparkle does have some really great projects!

  6. I'm looking forward to reading about your simplification for the year. Noise and I don't do well together, and it seems like since I've been pregnant I'm even more sensitive to it. Hoping I can find ways to keep noise and clutter to a minimum through some simplification.

  7. Wonderful ideas, Amber! Keeping them busy keeps them out of trouble too! :)

    I agree on Deep Space Sparkle!

    You know I would LOVE to meet you! Where will you be July 2015?

  8. Hoping, too, Abby! Clutter is on my list too! I have lots of decluttering to do to simplify. Will pray for you! Pray for me too, if you think of me! :)

  9. Creating a more peaceful homeschool is one of my goals this school year. Last year, I found that audio books were a great way to aid peacefulness. We use a workbox system for our subjects, and reading/listening to an audio book is one of our boxes. I also stive for an uncluttered home (hard to do some days) and lots of sunshine pouring in the windows while we do school work. I am definitly going to incorporate more nature walks into our lives. Luckily, we don't live *to* far from Rocky Mountain National Park, so I would love to take the kids there once a month for some extended nature study time.

    I love this series....keep the ideas coming!!!

  10. Michelle, I shared some tips in my Currently post http://www.delightfullearning.net/2014/07/currently.html In the process of simplifying, writing up the posts was complicating things, haha! So, that was my effort to include some tips while simplifying the process. :)