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2014 - 2015 Curriculum

I'm ready to share our curriculum choices for the 2014-15 school year. I'm not going to explain or expand much on my choices right now, and they are subject to change. Our homeschool is changing. I have three homeschooled students now, instead of six. I'm not sure yet, if that will be harder or easier, but I'm hoping easier! Affiliate links are used in this post (Thank you for your support!).

 All ~ Bible:

These wonderful books will be used throughout the years to come.

Bo ~ Preschool: 

Eliana ~ 2nd Grade

Malachi ~ 4th Grade

*With me ~ all other subjects are independent.

My Older Boys

As I mentioned, I did enroll the older two boys at our local high school. Nathan and Dylan started their first day on 9/11.

Jordan was on his way out the door to go to class when their good friend Gabbie dropped by to pick them up, so I snapped a pic of all four. And yes, that is SNOW! In September! Our first snow of the year. If I wasn't so excited for low carb pumpkin cheesecakes and pumpkin spice unlattes, I wouldn't be so excited for fall! It is supposed to warm up again this week, so bring on the fall weather! :)

I'll share what I had planned, and then share their current class schedule.

Dylan ~ 9th Grade


  • Cover Story

  • Life of Fred LA / IEW Fit It! Grammar

  • Grammar of Poetry (See my review here).

  • Life of Fred Algebra 1

  • North Star Geography

  • Apologia Biology w/lab w/audio w/notebook

  • Rosetta Stone Spanish 1 Homeschool Edition

9th Grade:

  • Foods & Nutrition/Health and Safety

  • Individual & Team Sports/Woodworking 1

  • Spanish 1

  • English 9

  • World History 9

  • Algebra 1

  • Biology



10th grade:

  • AP U.S. History

  • Biology

  • Health and Safety/Weight Training

  • English 10

  • Algebra 1

  • Geometry

  • Spanish 1

(Not all books are pictured ~ just the ones I could find up in their room today).

Jordan ~ Home High School Grad off to College!

Jordan is entering the Diesel Technology program at Sheridan College. This is a two year program ending with an Associate of Applied Science degree.