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First Day of School {2014-2015}

August 25th, 2014

It has become a tradition to have waffles for the first day of school each year - one waffle for each grade the child is in. I first made homemade waffles, then I resorted to frozen waffles. But, this year I went really easy and bought packaged donuts (spare tire donuts and a bus theme for My Big Green Pocketbook). Little Bo was upset to see 4 donuts on Malachi's plate and two on Eliana's, so I gave him one of each kind. The older boys just grabbed boxes of donuts and filled them - 9 donuts for Dylan and 10 for Nathan. (They didn't want their picture taken).

Our first day was orientation, going over each subject and my expectations, and having them figure out how many lessons they needed to do per week to finish in a school year. Then I watched a movie (Love Begins) with Mali, Elli, and Bo. Elli popped popcorn and sprinkled it with Annie's Mac and Cheese powder for us during the movie, and I started putting together Elli's All About Reading Level 2 activity binder while we watched. After that, we watched the next movie in the series while I continued to organize and get ready for school.

All hope of a good week was gone by Wednesday evening when my husband decided we needed to do some extra house projects - not school related - while I was knee deep in putting together Elli's binder (still) and school books and supplies were scattered all around the house. Not the best move on his part. I ended the week feeling totally burnt out and ready to quit.

But...  there is a happy ending to this story.

To be continued...

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