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First Week of September

I don't have many pics of our first week of school - it was way too chaotic. So, I took pics of the first week of September. (See Day 1 here). This was a better week. This week we dug into our basics - reading, spelling, writing, math. I finally got Elli's All About Reading 2 binder all put together and it was wonderful to have everything all cut, organized and ready to go. Our hens laid their first two eggs. I had just put their nesting boxes in (I recycled an old dresser) and they made good use of them. I have 5 kids in soccer ~ Elli up to Jordan. Bo is bummed he's not playing. Jordan started college this week. I stayed on plan (THM) all week until Friday. (That's a low carb pizza with turkey pepperoni on Joseph's lavish bread and a Big Mac Salad ~ yum!)

I realize I don't have a single photo of my older boys. I worked with them the first week so they could work independently the 2nd week, and I could focus on getting Mali and Elli started. I did not check them out on Friday as I usually do ~ twas my birthday and we went to the city for our monthly shopping trip so I didn't check them out of their school until the following Tuesday (remember I declared another three day weekend on Monday morning).

I've been struggling for awhile to make homeschooling work for my older boys. It zaps my energy, I am struggling with adrenal fatigue, and I can't handle the stress. I'm worried about my health, but also my relationship with my boys. It's been tough.

We've talked about public school before. Both boys were not interested because it would take away their freedom and independence. Nathan says on a good day the benefits of homeschooling far outweigh any benefits of public schooling. The problem is, they have too much time on their hands and don't keep themselves busy enough (not like Jordan did), and we have more bad days than good. They want to fill their time with video games and when they do that, they are distracted from their school and I can't compete for their attention. I never wanted to send them to public school, didn't wake up thinking that day that I would, and certainly didn't think I would ever come to that decision. But, this is my 10th year of homeschooling, I'm tired, and I need a break.

To be continued. . .