California Moments

Sharing some of the special moments from our time in California. ♥ 

As I mentioned, my husband had a week long training at a Disneyland Resort hotel and we got to tag along. We stayed at the Disney Paradise Pier Hotel, which had a seaside theme throughout. We had beach ball pillows on our bed! And of course, the Disney Jr. channel on TV. 

On Day 1, Luke registered for his classes and then had the afternoon free so we had burgers at In-N-Out...

I ate the whole thing, bun and all! Yummy at the time!

We then drove to Long Beach to visit a sport equipment supplier of his and while we were there we let the kids play on the beach. 

That evening, Luke had a function to attend and the kids and I were settled in for the evening (watching cartoons, hehe!) when he got us up to walk to Downtown Disney! It was so fun! We went to several stores - just fun window shopping! And enjoyed the lights and atmosphere. The next day, he surprised me with fudge from one of the shops. :) 

On Day 2, Luke was in classes all day so we had the day free to spend with a very special blogging friend from Mud Puddle Soup!!! 

mud puddle soup

We went on an educational field trip to a Science center. There was much to see and do, and we mostly talked while the kids explored!

This was my favorite...

The bi-plane and this flight simulator was a fun remembrance of The Glorious Flight - for me! The kids don't remember rowing it, boo! I need to pull those books out to read to them more. 
After the science center, it was lovely to get out in the fresh air and let the kids ice skate at Olaf's Frozen Ice Rink in Downtown Disney. 

Bo didn't last long - his skates were too big. 

Then Malachi wanted to go to the Lego Store and the kids played legos. 

For dinner, we went to the Rainforest Cafe! It was a fun atmosphere (not the best for taking pictures), but it was most fun being together and enjoying the good food and an occasional thunderstorm inside the cafe! 

The Volcano Cake was yummy! and a fun way to celebrate TWO birthdays coming up for Miss E and Malachi! 

On Day 3, we had got burgers, fries and shakes to go from In-N-Out and then drove to the LA Zoo! It was so nice to spend the day outside in the fresh air and see all the wonderful animals and faces! 

Bo loved Miss E! So funny because Miss H took a liking to Malachi and was his little shadow that whole day :) 

Can't wait to see the photo they were smiling for! 

We saw Hippos

Elli took this one. 

And this one too. :) 

Taking a photo of each other taking a photo. :D My dad used to do this. :) 

She was so sweet to drive out to see us two days in a row, so on Day 4 I decided to brave the freeways! After two days of riding them as a passenger I was feeling a little more comfortable. The trip was wonderful both ways until the last 3 miles of my return trip at the exit, which took 30 minutes, lol (to go three miles!). I made it to the exit before sunset, which was great because I don't see well at night. 

This was our least busy day, but my favorite! We spent the day at her mom's house, let the kids play in a big blow up bounce house, talked, had a yummy healthy snack then ordered pizza, then went to Creamistry for ice cream made with liquid Nitrogen! And then we stopped at Sam's Club so I could get groceries for our Sabbath meal (turkey pastrami, Jewish rye - yum!, chips and grapes). Malachi got to play with her nephew so that left little Miss H out a bit :( but Malachi has a new pen pal to write to. :) 

Special moments:

Yummy food! 

After a not so great experience at Creamistry the first time, we were invited along for a 2nd opinion! 

Ice cream - made with liquid nitrogen, right before our very eyes! 

Clouds of gas rising from the very cold liquid nitrogen as it freezes all natural and organic ingredients right in a mixing bowl. 

Yum! I thought it was good (for ice cream!). It was creamy, and soft and very cold! I expect hard ice cream to be very cold and like it that way, but it was soft and velvety yet still very cold. Interesting! I can't have a lot of dairy, so I just tasted, but I liked it! It must have been a good batch this time! 

One more goodbye pic. :)

Sigh. My pictures don't do justice to reflect our time together (though I think she got a few more of us together!). Sadly, many of mine were blurry (I need a new lens). I have so many more pictures painted on my heart though - snapshots of Elli and Miss E holding hands everywhere they went, hugging goodbye and the tears in their eyes. The two girls have been pen pals for several years and now they know who they've been writing to! So fun! And now I know that the friend that I have gotten to know over the past how many years?! 5 or 6?! is just who I thought she would be. She's the sweet, thoughtful, giving, gentle, and tender hearted person I've come to know over the years. ♥ Thank you so much dear friend for making our time in California special!

What's funny is I actually brought my Project Life and school work for the kids to work on not knowing if I'd be brave enough to venture out and brave the traffic! So, it was so special that we got to spend three whole days together and go on adventures around town ~ so fun!!!

{{{{Thank you!!!}}}} 

That night was my husband's last night for classes. He had a great time and met lots of people and I even met a new friend from Ohio! {Hi Carly!} What a fun time!

The next day we attended church at a congregation in Garden Grove - only 8 minutes away! Then we got dinner at El Pollo Loco (The Crazy Chicken, lol!) to go.

And the next day... can you guess what we did as a family?! :)


  1. Really missing you and your family! I have lots of pictures that I can send to you. I finally got my post up, too. You inspired me to get it done :)

    {{thank you}} for sharing your vacation time with us. You made us feel special and we shared, you've touched my heart in ways that I didn't even know until we met together. I loved eating on the curb at the zoo.

    The ::tears:: of joy sting my eyes with the abunant blessings that came from our time together.

    Touched beyond any words I can write . . . but you are loved and a gift in my life.

  2. What a marvelous trip. So glad you got to enjoy time with a friend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. What a FUN trip! It looked and sounded so refreshing and wonderful! How special! Blessings on the rest of your traveling, or rest and hopping in to life again at home!


  4. What lovely pictures of you all. I loved them! I'm so glad you two got to get together.

  5. It's so wonderful that you two were finally able to meet and enjoy time together. What a blessing for all of you to have that time!

  6. Looks like SO much fun. . .and now I miss In n Out! :)

  7. There is too much goodness and fun in this post for me to handle! You and Mud Puddle Soup together in one post! So fun :) You are making me miss In-N-Out! I used to live in Nevada and had one there. I can't wait to be able to take my kids to Disney. That is definitely on our list! Happy for you and your family that you had such a wonderful trip!