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Disney Moments {Two Words}

Not cheap

Finding Nemo

Autotopia cruisers

Crazy driver

Excited girl

Reliving memories

Thumbs up

Birthday boy

Handsome guys

It's a

small world

after all

Childhood favorite

Mickey's Toontown

Goofy's car

Meeting Goofy

Tommorrowland Terrace

$10 hamburgers

Adventure Awaits!

Hanna Hippo!

Tarzan's Treehouse
(When I was a kid, it was Swiss Family Robinson's)

Thunder Mountain

Love Love

Minnie's House

Minnie Mouse!

It rained on and off all day, but really poured toward the evening and many rides closed. We ended up walking back to our room to eat dinner and change into dry clothes and then headed out for a few more hours of fun (to get the most of our money). 

We bought a few fun foods, but shared them so we could try a few different things (funnel cake, churros, cotton candy, ice cream) that we don't normally get to eat. 

Bo was able to ride all the rides that were open but one - Indiana Jones. Luke took Mali and Elli while I waited in the rain with Bo (not fun). After that, I decided that we needed to stay together. But, Bo was able to ride all the other rides - even Space Mountain. 

I was excited to ride the rides I remembered from my childhood - Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, It's a Small World, Tea Cups and more. Now that I got to relive my childhood, I think if we ever get to go again, I'd wait until Bo is older so we can go to California Adventures. But, I did like how family centered the rides are at Disneyland. 

Our favorite rides:
  • Bo: Astro Blasters (Buzz Lightyear one)
  • Eliana's: Space Mountain
  • Malachi: Space Mountain
  • Luke: Indiana Jones Adventure
  • Michelle: Thunder Mountain Railroad

Things I'm glad I did:
  • brought rain gear with us (buying ponchos at Target saved us money)
  • brought snacks and water with us
  • brought homemade Thieves wipes to wash hands (lifesaver!)
  • brought my camera, though wished I would have left it at the hotel after dinner as I was tired of carrying it around
  • got a family pic with Mickey with photopass (though I haven't looked at it yet, lol)
It was hard to spend the money, but considering our hotel room and travel was paid for, it was hard not to spend the money! 

And Malachi got to spend his 10th birthday at Disneyland! We all got buttons to help him celebrate and he got lots of happy birthday wishes throughout the day. We had ice cream at the end of the day in a shop on Main Street U.S.A. Bo fell asleep and Luke had to carry him back to the hotel and we made it there by 11:15. We were all so tired! But, it was worth it. 

The next day we checked out and headed to the Grand Canyon!

If you want to see some more fun pictures of our time in California, head on over to Mud Puddle Soup


  1. What a fantastic day and how delightful that one of your children got to celebrate their birthday there. Oh, the Grand Canyon, that is on my bucket list. I can't wait to hear your advice on that one.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast and made some wonderful family memories!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures... I love this idea of {two words}. I think I might borrow that idea! Much love from Cass @ theunpluggedfamily.com

  3. Disney fun! The place does seem to give a magical experience! I think my favorite ride is "It's a Small World". {{missing you}}