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Real Life Homeschool

Real Life Homeschool Blog Hop

When you think of Real Life Homeschool, what comes to mind?

If you could peak into a homeschool family's life for one week, what would you want to see? 

If you are a regular reader, will you please comment or reply to give me some ideas for an upcoming Crew blog hop? I'd be so thankful! 


  1. You're so open about your schooling regularly that it's hard to think of things. I think the thing that always interests me most about real life homeschool is how others balance taking care of their homes, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  2. Agree with above! How do you plan your day? What does the whole day look like (not just school)? How do you find time to cook, clean, blog, plan school, etc. how do you balance it? Thanks for sharing! -Holly, homeschool mom of 3

  3. A third person asking for more of your life outside of school, although you are very open about it anyway. :) Maybe add some videos? Would love to see some "live" interactions if you & your children are willing.

    ~Jessica G.