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Bigger Science Nature Study with John Audubon: Young Naturalist {Units 10-14}

True to my nature (easily bored by routine and wanting a little excitement), I was excited to review a unit study on birds to tie into Bigger Hearts for His Glory science Units 10-14. :) 

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When I follow a guide as written, I enjoy it for the most part, but a little part of my heart was longing for change and I saw no reason why I couldn't jump ahead to read John Audubon: Young Naturalist and tie in a unit study on birds! In fact, it wasn't until I saw that Homeschool Legacy had a unit study that would tie in with Bigger Science that I was even interested in doing a unit study at all (still on burn out mode from Five in a Row). For me, this might be the best of both worlds since I have a hard time sticking with one or the other all by themselves. In fact, I am even inspired to row a Five in a Row book now. :) 

I'm optimistic that I can settle into a boxed curriculum routine and add a little spark of joy to our homeschool days by adding in some fun unit studies along the way. :) 

Books/resources used for our study along with Birds of a Feather.


  • investigated how birds fly

  • practiced standing like a stork :) 
  • learned the different types of feathers and their purposes and drew a picture of a body feather, down feather, and flight feather for our notebooks

  • explored what a Wood Thrush looks and sounds like and sketched a picture of one for our notebooks

  • learned how sparrows build their nest and made edible nests with peanut butter, honey, and crispy rice cereal (Unit 11 day 5).

  • completed Week 1 of Homeschool Legacy's Birds of a Feather Unit Study, created a backyard habitat for birds, made homemade bird feeders, and more. 

  • drew the different types of bird beaks for our notebooks

  • learned about the food chain and how it balances life

  • completed Week 4 of Homeschool Legacy's Birds of a Feather Unit Study on owls
  • learned that owls have special adaptations that help them hunt and survive
  • drew an owl for our notebook

  • learned how snakes move and catch their prey

  • learned about Cuckoos 
  • drew pictures for our Fact Page on Jean Jacques Audubon

  • explored the eyesight of an eagle and discovered how far an eagle can see
  • learned more about birds of prey in Week 4 of Homeschool Legacy's Birds of a Feather Unit Study
  • discovered more amazing facts about birds
  • and fell in love with birds all over again!
Malachi has taken off on his own during this study. He loves birds and nature in general and has been watching lots of documentaries on Netflix. He carries the field guide in his "survival" backpack wherever he goes and loves to go on nature walks. I think continuing our study in Flying Creatures of the 5th Day, doing Lesson 5: Nest Building, and rowing Albert would be a fun continuation of our study!