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2015 - 2016 Homeschool Pre-K Curriculum {Boaz}

Bo is on his pre-kindergarten (4K) year and I have what I think will be a wonderful year of learning planned for him...


I will work with Bo on his handwriting this year because he likes to write. Bo is still using the Letter School app for learning to form letters and numbers.  I printed Confessions 4K Curriculum A-Z Handwriting and 1-20 Handwriting worksheets for him to use to help him put pencil to paper in practicing letter formation. 

I wasn't sure I if I would use this for Bo's Pre-K or 5K year, but as we approached the end of the summer, it just made sense. I am super happy I decided to go with it and so is he. He loves to read and surprises me with how much he comprehends. P 4/5 is perfect - he's ready for longer chapters but still 4 so loves the short stories, poems, and rhymes with pictures that are just a fun part of childhood. 

You can see our adventures our first time through P 4/5 in my Sonlight tab on the blog.  

Bible (Family Time Bible)


Language Arts & Readiness Skills

World Cultures

Several of these books will be tied in with Before FIAR books for a community theme, so I won't be following the schedule per say. I will skip ahead to tie them in and then skip them when I get to them, but otherwise I will be following the P 4/5 schedule. 


We've read through much of the Big Book of Science and Nature, but it's such a fun and easy to read book that teaches science in a fun way that it's worth reading through it all again.  

Nature Study

I have started reading the Thornton Burgess books for nature study. We started with the Old Mother West Wind collection, and will read the Favorite Animal Stories next, followed by The Burgess Animal Book (affiliate links) if we have time. We read one chapter a night most school nights. 

Before Five in a Row {B4FIAR}

I started rowing with Bo when he was three (15 books that are linked here) and these are the 5 books we have left to row this year... plus one more not pictured (The Red Carpet). 


I may not do a formal math curriculum with Bo for Pre-K, or I may start a program during the 2nd half of his Pre-K year after he turns 5 mid year - we'll see. Bo is naturally interested in math and natural teaching moments come up almost daily. He loves to count, can count to 100+ and read numbers up to 100+. He knows the names and value of coins and has me count his money with him as often as I am willing. I'm currently teaching him addition with the counting on strategy. Math has come so naturally and easy with him that I'm afraid to ruin that with a math book at this point. 


Bo is an advanced chess player and is playing in our co-op chess class this quarter and loving it! He's a super fast thinker (less than 10 seconds per move) and has good strategy. He's pretty good for his age, and I love that it helps develop cognitive and critical thinking skills. He has plenty of opportunities to play, and if he doesn't have a willing partner, he will play against himself, or play at SparkChess.com or on the iPad. 

I feel like this is a very doable plan and feel good about it. I'll share our first row of the school year next week explaining a little more how this all played out our first week. We have nearly finished three weeks of P4/5 and have rowed two books since school started, plus some fall learning (apples and leaves) for an early learner's class I am teaching at co-op. So, while it's been a very busy fall already with soccer, co-op and planning for the fall feasts, it's all worked out and when life slows down mid October (I'm ready for slow), it should be an enjoyable year. :) 


  1. Looks like good familiar stuff. And always you have great collection pictures. I hope he has fun! I cannot believe our babies

  2. Wow, he sounds like a super smart little boy! We love the Bernstein Bears science book!

    1. And I actually just ordered AAR pre reading for my Silas. He is 5, but he needs it. I've read so many positive reviews of this program, and this post today inspired me!

  3. Looks fun... I love how everything is just GREAT BOOKS! :D Can I come to your homeschool? ;) Can't believe how big Boaz is now... I remember your posts when he was just a little baby! Time flies, eh? Hope you have a wonderful year. xo Cass @ TheUnpluggedFamily.com

  4. PS - Simon LOVED Chess too when he was about 5-6. I'm convinced it did him wonders... love it!

  5. Looks like you have a great year planned! We just pulled out a chess book. I would love for my kids to learn too. I have a friend who used SL Pre-K. Those books all look so good :) I wish I had known about all these wonderful things back when my kids were in PreK. I didn't know I would homeschool back then. Bo will get to experience all the best things as your littlest guy.

  6. Looks like Bo is going to have a fun homeschool year :) I used SL Pre-K with some of my kiddos and we loved it! I still have all the books too.

    Love the picture of your little guy with the Bible reader. So adorable!

  7. Great resources! We celebrated the fall feasts for the first time this year. So wonderful :)