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Wonky & Tapple for a Fun Family Game Night {Crew Review}

 USAopoly Review

We have a fun little tradition in our home called Box #1 (based on a game show). My husband and I created the tradition to try to get our boys to play more board games and watch less TV. We filled a big box with board games, toys, and even an occasional family movie, and every Friday night when my boys asked to watch a movie, I'd say. "We can watch a movie, or play What's Behind Box #1." They always went for Box #1!

Gone are the days of television in our home, but in are the days of computervision. My kids can easily get addicted to watching movies and shows on the computer or playing games on their favorite websites, so I had to put an end to that this summer. I put the computer and iPad away and eventually the kids stopped asking and started PLAYING! It was wonderful to see. So when USAopoly offered the Crew two games to review, I was excited to add Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone and pick up the tradition of Box #1.
USAopoly Review

Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game, our first game behind Box #1, is designed for ages 8+ and for 2 or more players. The game consists of 9 crazy cubes, 54 cards, instructions and a storage bag. The cubes have 3 flat and 3 curved sides so they topple when stacked.

I played this with my husband and three younger children ages 4 to 10.

The goal is to build a wobbly tower with different shaped and sized blocks and add to the tower without toppling it. 

Each player is dealt 7 cards. The cards tell you which sized or colored block to place, such as "stack the small green block." They also make the game interesting by reversing play or passing play to the next player. 

If any of the blocks topple while placing your block, you have to draw from the deck. The player who runs out of cards first is the winner.

Malachi: "It's fun because if you shake your hand the littlest bit while placing it [the cube], it will go boom. Elli is really good at the game, but my hands shake too much. It's fun to gang up against Bo because he's good at it too." (lol) 

Eliana: I like that Malachi would always make it tricky and I would still be able to win, even though it sometimes fell down. It was a fun Box #1.

Bo: I liked setting up the blocks and placing cards.

I love that it entertains the kids and that they play on their own without me. I think it's neat that it focuses on hand-eye coordination and it may be a great way to help develop a steady hand in Malachi's case.

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone is geared for ages 8+ for 2 or more players. You play the game by choosing a category card, think of word that goes with the category, tap the letter, tap the timer to restart the timer, then pass the wheel.

 USAopoly Review

For example, the category is school subjects. Can you think of a word for every letter on the wheel before the timer goes off? (The wheel consists of the 20 most common letters of the alphabet).


World history




Nature study


Icthyology (Malachi challenged me on that one, lol)

We are stuck on d and k.

Since we are just playing with two players, we keep going.

The cards have an easier and a more difficult side and store nicely in the bottom of the wheel, but sometimes we play with our own categories like books of the Bible, essential oils and blends (Malachi's idea), and more. Malachi and Eliana are playing as I type with names of friends.

This was my favorite. It's a quick challenging game that makes you think fast and can be personalized with your own categories.

The game requires 2 AA batteries so we played it quite a few times without batteries (and without a timer) when it first arrived. It was still fun and a challenge to think of a word that starts with each letter. I bought batteries the next time I went out and the 10 second timer certainly made it more challenging and fun, but I couldn't stand more than three rounds at at time with the ticking sound and beeps.

Malachi: "It's a fun fast paced game that the whole family can enjoy for an hour or two at a time." (You can easily play several rounds in 10 minutes).

Eliana: "I like that Tapple is tricky and you have to think fast. I like the cool cards (categories)."

We all thought it was a fun challenging game to play and that USAoploy games were high quality and a fun addition to our Box #1 game night.

 USAopoly Review

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  1. My kids would love this game! I have to stop reading all the reviews! I have spent alot of money lately!! Luckily, mg husband doesn't mind what I spend on our kids education!!

    1. And I meant they would love Tapple!

    2. Megan these are fun games. Our kiddos actually ask to play and it's educational ;) What a sweet hubby.

  2. Michelle, we had so much fun with Tapple & Wonky. Love the photos of your family playing the games.

  3. Friday night is game night here (and sometimes Saturday night too). Tapple is one of our favorites! I've never seen Wonky before, but it looks fun!