Prairie Week 2 {Prairie Primer}

Welcome to Little House on the Prairie Week 2. :)

May 2nd - 5th
 See what we are using and resources we use for more details. 

Day 1

The Wolf Pack

We have a pack of coyotes living in the draw in our canyon and the other night they were howling at the full moon. It was so eerie. I couldn't imagine if they came and formed a ring around the house and started howling.

We read about wolves on Day 1 and mosquitoes on Day 2 (since the Ingall's neighbors have fever-n-ague) in Land Animals and Flying Creatures (Apologia Zoology books). Mosquito study at Handbook of Nature Study would be a useful study to add in here, but it wasn't mosquito season yet at the time of our study. 

We read about mules in Album of Horses and learned that mules are the (infertile) offspring of a donkey and a horse. 

Day 2

Two Stout Doors
A Fire on the Hearth

Laura saw goldenrod growing on the prairie so we read about its uses. 

We read about poisonous snakes on the prairie (and in our area). 

And we talked about safety concerns with heating your home with a fireplace (or wood stove) and later (not this week) go into more detail on fire safety after spending some time at our off-grid home. Bo did a few activities from a Be Safe kit from our local fire department. 

Day 3

A Roof and a Floor
Indians in the House

We started reading from the Indian How Book today on indian dress, hygiene and hospitality. There are really so many lessons from the manual that are just based on discussion that I can't possible include here, so my post is really just a part of our days. 

Day 4

Fresh Water to Drink
Texas Longhorns

Instead of notebooking through each chapter, we made an illustrated dictionary of the plants, animals, and birds of the prairie using Plant a Pocket of Prairie as a guide. This week we did birds and plants. 

Birds of the Prairie 

Plants of the Prairie

And that's week 2. 


Elli worked on her AE Notebook Journal (crossword puzzle), and we read Sonlight Science F books this week. 

Nutrition 101

For muscles, we focused on selenium, magnesium, calcium, and of course proteins. Animal protein sources, whether beef, poultry or fish, are best when they are raised in their most natural habitat with no added hormones or antibiotics and in in an organic environment free of harmful toxins, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Prior to starting Trim Healthy Mama, I greatly limited animal proteins because healthy clean meat is expensive. This unit focused a lot on plant based proteins much to my children's delight. Two of my children are "vegetarians at heart." They prefer plant based proteins and don't eat a lot of meat.

Our general list of preferred plant proteins included raw milk, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans.

Muscular System Power Recipe - Traditional Hummus Dip with Basil

We loved this so much (and hadn't had it in a long time), so we made it several times. Our favorite way to serve it is with Falafel chips and veggies. 

Another lesson was to make a meal high in protein using more than just animal protein sources. We had Greek chicken with quinoa and creamy asparagus. 


  1. I love how you always keep your lessons so fresh and new, even after ___ years of homeschooling. ♥ The prairie dictionary is great! And ahh, mosquitoes, the Minnesota state bird, although this year it's almost eerie how we have so few, not sure why but I won't complain.

  2. This looks like so much fun! I would love to do this with my younger three when they get a little older. You make everything seem so wonderful. I want to come to your house for school!😃

  3. I love it! I love seeing the energy you have to put into this that I didn't have at the end of the year. Prairie Primer really is SO full of wonderful learning opportunities. I so wish I had found it sooner.

  4. Thank you, ladies! ♥ Wish I had the energy now that I had then, haha! I am thankful that I found PP when I did - I'm so excited for the coming year! Having a head start will make it not so overwhelming {I hope!}