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Currently | June 2017

getting ready

boy books

pasta salad

so good

happy birthday

soccer camp

tired boy

one egg

newborn kitten

bed head

wild poppies

eggs, kale

jump rope

knockout date

wild child

hi yah

indian t.p.

half-square triangles

seventeen again 

Currently, I am...

getting books organized for the fall

encouraging the kids to read

obsessing over my favorite pasta salad

celebrating my husband's birthday with grilled steak and cookies and cream cake

seeing kids off to soccer camp

coaxing chickens to lay eggs

baking sour cream country muffins

smitten with newborn kittens

admiring the poppies on the roadside

craving kale with my eggs in the morning

still so thankful we bought the kids a trampoline

baking monster cookies and playing movie theatre with the kids

celebrating Dylan's 17th birthday with root beer floats.

sitting around doing nothing

staying up late

taking naps

writing product reviews

wearing a sweatshirt

enjoying all the thunderstorms we've had

hoping you are having a great summer so far!