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UnLock Pre-Algebra
I knew that whatever program I decided to use for high school, it would be a good idea to use the same Pre-Algebra program to ensure a successful transition from middle school math to high school math. I have a set of high school math books sitting on my shelves that I had planned to use, but after trying UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math, I'm not so sure anymore!

UnLock Pre-Algebra

UnLock Math is designed to break math into bite sized bits that build on concepts in a way that boosts learning and reduces math anxiety for the student and the teacher! In fact, the first 5 units are review designed to eliminate gaps and increase confidence. It must be working because Malachi, who is 12, is really liking it and didn't mind using the program, even though he is on summer break.

I'm happy about that because we've had a positive experience with UnLock Math, and this engaging and interactive program is designed for independent student use. It offers unlimited practice and review. My student can do the lessons as many time as he wants, and only the best scores are kept. Plus, his work is automatically graded giving him instant feedback. Each unit has a quiz and a test, and mid-term and final exams are also given. 

The lessons are taught via video lessons taught by Alesia, who was homeschooled herself, and is upbeat and energetic and keeps math interesting. 

Malachi used UnLock Pre-Algebra at least three days per week on average, which was a nice summer pace. The program is intended to be used daily, in roughly 30 minute lessons, and should take about nine months to complete if you use it 5 days a week. A Pacing Guide is available as a PDF. 

How UnLock Math works:

UnLock Math

First, you click on the rocket to launch a lesson, then you click the purple lock button and unlock it by completing the tasks while you follow the path from start to finish.

The pathway includes:
  • Warm Up to get into math mode
  • a Video to learn new concepts in bite-sized bits 
  • Practice Problems which are 30% of your grade
  • Stay Sharp which is a set of review questions from previous lessons and are 10% of your grade
  • Challenge Yourself  which is a bonus question that does not count against your grade but can give you up to a 5% bonus towards your grade (extra credit!) 
  • Reference Notes for studying

You only get one chance at the bonus question, but all other lessons can be completed multiple times, and only the best score is kept.

UnLock also has:
  • Quizzes - 15% of your final grade
  • Tests - 30% of your final grade
  • Midterm exam - 5% of your final grade
  • Final exam - 10% of your final grade

Once you have unlocked a lesson, the purple unlock button will stay purple so your child knows what lesson he is working in. Once the lesson is completed, the unlock button turns blue:

Each lesson has reference notes, which are great - no searching through the video for a concept! A quick look at the reference notes tells me all I need to know:

I liked that the reference notes are available for each unit, but I loved that UnLock Math made them all available in one 380 page PDF! In fact, I printed the whole file and spiral bound it using a 1 1/2 inch spiral.

I don't know if Malachi will use the notes, but I will! It will be nice to know exactly what he is learning and pull the reference notes out if he has a question, like he did during the first lesson. I watched the video with him to help him, but the answer was right in the notes the whole time and would have been so much easier. 

Alesia uses a smart board, graphics, charts, diagrams, pictures and more to teach math, but she also includes the history or the importance behind the concept.

Tips from the Trenches
  • Hit "Next" to submit your answer and save your work. Don't hit "Submit" until you are all done. Malachi did this on several occasions. 
  • Once you are done, click "Submit" and then "View Details" to see how you did and to view complete solutions.
  • Then hit "Save and Exit" to record your grade in the grade book. 
  • Use the Guide to Maple T.A. to understand how answers are inputted (this is especially important the higher you go in Algebra).  
  • Print the Formula Sheet for quick reference.

Malachi's Progress:

When I log into my Parent Account, I can see that Malachi completed Units 1 and 2 during the review period.

When I click on the Student Dashboard from my parent account, I can see his course just as he sees it:

Unit 1 Progress Report:

Unit 2 Progress Report: 

I found the progress reports to be a good overview, but if I want more detail, I can launch the course gradebook. I found the platform easy to use, once I figured out how to add more rows, but it was a little slow to load. 

Here is what the gradebook looks like in the Maple T.A. software:

If I click on Details, I can see every problem he did or didn't do. 

When he first started, he would click the Submit button instead of hitting Next. When that happened it graded the incomplete work, so he had to do that segment over (hence my tip above). However, every attempt is shown in the gradebook, so I can see exactly what he has done. 

We had a few glitches where he wasn't getting credit for work he did, but it showed up later.

Our experience overall was a positive one. My son likes UnLock Math, so we will finish the course this coming school year before our subscription runs out. I had planned to use a different program for Pre-Algebra, but UnLock Math might be the answer to unlock my child's potential and free me up so I have one less subject to teach. I love that!

Interested in giving it a try? Try the demo lesson to see how it works. UnLock Math now offers Pre-Algebra through Geometry (their newest course). To see more reviews, click below!

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You get $50 off an annual purchase, and I get $20 for each referral. Here's how that works: Click on my referral link to receive a coupon code to purchase UnLock Math at a $50 discount, then share your link with a friend who may be interested so they can get $50 off and you can get $20 for sharing. How cool is that?! I would love to be able to buy Algebra 1 for Malachi when the time comes, but if not, I feel UnLock Pre-Algebra will give Malachi a strong foundation for whatever program we use for Algebra 1.
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