Currently | July 2017

Currently, I am... 

knitting a mason jar cozy...

enjoying drives through the countryside with my husband and kids

listening to The Green Ember on Audible

hiking at the YMCA Camp of the Bighorns

collecting lupine seed pods with Elli on the mountain

swimming at the free pool with the kids 

relieved that Bo finally lost his front tooth because he'd been wiggling it for a long time

waiting for kittens to open their eyes and watching them grow so fast

daring to ride the "whipper whirl" ride with Elli (I can't remember what it is called, LOL). Poor Bo was scared, but he rode with Malachi who wouldn't hold him. I certainly would have because I was scared too, haha. We hung upside down for a good 5 minutes at the beginning and end of the ride, so I was thankful that they let him off first. He had the biggest sad lip while waiting for me to get down, poor baby. 

getting Dylan to do his part to help out the family 

learning how to texture

taking pictures of my girl and her kittens 

ready for summer to slow down and cool down

looking forward to starting school - we'll ease in starting August 7th and start full time the 5th of September, which is also my birthday

I have lots to do today, so I'm going to say goodbye to July so I can say hello to August... 

Until next time... 


  1. I cannot believe July is gone. This summer has flown by for us! Love the sweet little kittens... And I'm glad Bo lost his tooth! My youngest wants to lose one because he's the only kid who hasn't lost one yet. He doesn't have any loose ones though!

  2. Beautiful. I love the picture of you and Elli!