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We love board games, but we especially love card games because they are portable, easy to store, and just as fun. Today, I have a fun review to share of a card game we have been playing as a family recently. 

Designed for 6-12 players, for ages 12 and up, Unauthorized is a role playing card game by Chara Games that involves both strategy and chance and can be played in 30 minutes or less.

In this card game, players choose to be unyielding in their faith by siding with the Church, or they eliminate the opposition by going with the State. The game offers opportunities to play a range of characters from a thief to a musician or a pastor or police officer. Each one had special abilities that gave many roleplaying opportunities.

How we played the game:

It is designed for 6-12 players, but we could only come up with 5 players, so one of us played two hands each round. It is designed for ages 12 and up, but we played with players as young as six with success. 

My 12 year old pulled out all the cards, read the directions, and set up the game in advance. He was excited to play, but we needed another player, so we had to wait for my husband to join us. 

When we played, it was me, my husband, and our 6, 10, and 12 year old kids.

We read the directions, but we had to watch the instructional video to learn how to play. Then we just started playing, figuring it out as we went. After a practice run, we all had a pretty good idea how to play - even my 6 year old. He was the Pastor our first real round, and he played really well!

How it works:

In the beginning, players are randomly dealt a Role Card to use to influence others in the game. One role is the Pastor who is for building the church, one is the Police for stamping out the church, and all the other roles are neutral - at the beginning.

Players are then dealt seven Experience Cards to determine loyalty. The more green cards in your hand, the more loyal to the church you are. The more red cards in your hand means you are more loyal to the the State. Some cards could go either way - these are wild cards. If a neutral player is on the fence, Pastors can win them over, but so can the Police.

As play continues, each person can utilize their role powers to motivate others to chose a certain path, elect to look at a person's hand or, if you are a police officer, throw them in jail!

The game lasts four rounds. During each round, you play your Experience cards on the table. Your loyalty can change based on play, the remaining cards in your hand, or the influence of other players - so you just never know who you will end up being loyal to until the last round!

Who wins the game?

If the majority of the cards on the table are green, after 4 rounds, and at least one player is not in prison, then the church wins. If not, the State wins.

What did we think?

Once we figured it out, game play was quick. We played several times, and each time we wished that the game would last a little longer than four rounds.  It seemed that just as the game was starting to get traction, it was over. I'm guessing game play is longer with more people, and maybe more fun?

My husband was the best about role playing. The rest of us mostly just played our cards, but he inspired us to role play with subsequent rounds. I think playing with more people would have been more fun in this regard too.

We had a tendency to favor the Church, unless we played as a police officer (then you have no choice, but to choose the State).  So, in our experience, no one wanted to be the bad guy and stamp out the church!

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