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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls are kids adventure books from WorthyKids/Ideals. They are written for ages 6 - 9, or for grades 1 - 3, and teach about events in the Bible.

We received the first two books in the Hidden Scrolls series: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) and The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2).

These paperback books are quick reads at a little over a hundred pages - 107 and 118 pages to be exact and filled with lots of black and white kid-friendly illustrations. I read them myself to see what they were all about, and then handed them to my kids to read.

They are each a little adventure of their own, and each book wraps up nicely, so you are not left hanging in between. Additionally, the second book gives a quick summary of the first book in the prologue, so these books could be read out of order.

Synopsis of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1)

Nine-year old Peter and his ten-year old sister Mary go to stay with their Great-Uncle Solomon for what they think will be a long, boring month. Instead, it turns out to be an epic time traveling adventure when their archaeologist uncle shows them his most amazing discovery: the Legend of the Hidden Scrolls.

The scrolls contain the truth you seek,
break the seal,
unroll the scroll,
and you will see the past unfold.
Amazing adventures are in store
for those who follow the lion's roar.

After hearing the lion's roar, and unlocking the power of the scrolls because they are the "chosen ones," they are whisked back into the past to the very beginning of it all - the creation of the earth. But, they have to solve the secret message of the scroll, or they will be trapped in that time forever.  While there, they meet Michael, the angel, who is sent to protect them, and they witness each day of Creation. They swim with dolphins and ride on elephants, and they meet a Slithery Snake who is not so friendly. Meanwhile, they are trying to figure out what the message of the scroll is, which in this first book of the series is, "God created everything." So, they solve the secret message, the red wax seal falls off the scroll and transforms into a gold medallion with a tree on it. Then, the ground begins to shake, the trees sway, and everything spins around them. When they stop spinning, they are back in the library at their uncle's house, and what was a week for them, was only an hour in time. The uncle rejoices that the secret of the hidden scrolls is true, and that Peter and Mary are the "chosen ones."

Synopsis of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: Race to the Ark (Book #2)

In Book #2 of the series, the siblings, after hearing the lion's roar, open a new scroll and are transported to the time of Noah's Ark, this time with their dog Hank, and they have to solve the secret of the scroll before the great flood.

Their time travels lands them in the woods outside an ancient city full of corruption, where the Dark Ruler who lives inside the Temple of the Snake tells the people to lie, cheat and steal. Peter and Mary soon learn the Dark Ruler's one rule - you are not allowed to talk about God. They meet some troublemakers in the city and escape to the woods where they meet Michael, the angel, who lays down some rules. First, they have to solve the secret of the scroll in seven days, or they will be stuck there. Second, they can't tell anyone where they are from or that they are from the future. Third, they can't try to change the past. The secret message has six words this time that they must solve in the remaining six days.

They pitch a tent and wake up to paw prints everywhere. They follow the animal tracks to the Ark where they meet Shem who leads them into the ark. They help with some last minute work on the ark, help organize and herd the animals into the ark, meet Tubal Cain, who calls his brother "crazy Noah," but sells the kids a hinge for the ark door. They meet up with the Dark Ruler who says, "There is NO GOD! He is dead!" and throws them in the dungeon. They escape with the help of Michael, and solve the secret of the scroll as the flood waters fill the earth: "Trust God and He will rescue you." The wax seal transforms into a gold medallion inscribed with an ark on it. Great Uncle Solomon tells them the rest of the story of Noah's ark and reveals an old rusty hinge with the initials TC on it - the same hinge Peter and Mary bought from Tubal Cain, and now they know the story of the Ark is true.

Our Experience

My youngest, Bo, is 6 and in the 1st grade, reading at a 2nd grade level, so I initially thought I could have him read these on his own. 

But, Bo is still reading the first book. Even though he is in the age range and reading above his grade level, this is a challenging book for him, so he is reading slow - as in a page or two at a time. He's reading at a 2nd grade level in both his guided reading and his independent reading, so he might be a bit young for this series. That, or I would assign these books a 2nd to 4th grade level, or ages 7 - 10, but they seem more like a 3rd grade reader.

Bo will be seven at the end of this year, so we'll try again later in the year. For now, I have shelved the book. 

My son Malachi, who is 12 and older than the recommended age, read both books in one sitting and said they were fun and easy adventure reads. He read them on a sick day while curled up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of chicken broth. His favorite scene is when Darfus, Jakar, and Storm, their wolf dog, attack Mary and Peter. He also liked when the monkey stole the scroll instead of a banana in Book #2. They were great books for taking his mind off of being sick, and he enjoyed them.

What We Thought

We thought they were fun little adventure stories about Biblical events. When I read these types of books, though, I always wish that the characters would be whisked away by their imagination, rather than going back in time. I'm not sure if it's a practical or realistic way to teach God's truth, but it seems harmless as long as your children are familiar with the original story which is possible, and not caught up on what this story portrays, which is something quite impossible.

If you desire to let your children experience the thrill of what it may have been like at the creation of the earth, or what it would be like to race to the ark to help load the animals, and if you don't mind that the author, M.J. Thomas, presents Biblical truth in a fictional, fun, and imaginative way, then you might like these. If so, be sure to read my Crew mates reviews by clicking below!

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