The Lily Pad Pond in the Fall | Exploring Nature with Children

We have only visited this pond in the summer, when the lily pads were green and the vibrant.  It's cooling down now here, and fall is coming. After our study last week, we were especially curious as to what kind of seeds the lily pad makes.

Week 2 of Exploring Nature with Children was all about the mini-beast hunt. We turned over rocks and rotting logs to find interesting creatures. We didn't find as many up on the mountain because it is much cooler. We have more creatures around the house and in the yard. Pretty soon, it will freeze and they will disappear for the winter - one of the things I love about living in Wyoming. 

I have both of the guided journals, but I haven't printed them yet. I'm not sure how I want to use them. I am enjoying the relaxed nature of our study without them right now, and the journals are 470 and 498 pages long which is likely more than we will want to complete. 

This week we are studying the autumn equinox. Happy fall! 


  1. What I think I might do to save on ink, instead of printing the entire journal, just print specific parts of the journal each season. I still need to go and buy more ink!! Looks like a fun nature day!!

  2. I was thinking of just printing parts too. I keep putting it off because there isn't an easy way to print. But, I like the idea of just printing one season at a time to make it easier. Thanks for stopping by, Julia!