First Day of September


We had a leisurely morning, and after a trip to the store to get ice cream, we painted walls, rearranged furniture, spot cleaned carpets (praise God for rubbing alcohol to remove rubber cement stains!), decluttered, and organized to get ready for school. We had a really hard first week back to school the week before, ahem, and after seeing my despair, my husband sat down and asked me how he could help me start fresh this year - my 10th year of homeschooling! (Praise God, because I really needed his support!).

He suggested we go buy the Ikea stuff I've had my eye on (yes, please!), and even arranged to borrow a trailer so we could make the 6 hour drive to Colorado go pick them up - to celebrate my 10th year of homeschooling and help me get organized, he said. ;-) But, I figured it would cost the same to ship them (after gas and a hotel), so after much deliberation, I put everything I wanted in my cart and decided to focus on getting the house ready.

Well, when I went to check out, it wouldn't work! So, no new units yet on order (yet!) and all my extra books are in bins sitting on my floor, but it has been wonderful to have such a clean house and be more organized! But most importantly, I needed my husband's understanding and I can't tell you how much that meant to me.

So we had a much better week. This week. . . let's just say that I woke up Monday morning and decided we should have another three day weekend. ;-)


Dawn said...

What a great restart. Nothing like a clean and organized house to start us on a new week. I am glad your husband supported you in a new start.
Blessings, Dawn

Jenny said...

Looks like you are making a trimmaccino? I love those! Hope you have a great week. Can't wait to see what you get from Ikea!!

Rachel C said...

I started following your blog a few weeks ago. I am inspired by your creativity and admire your honesty. It is so refreshing. This is my second year to homeschool and while I only have 3 kids, I realize how difficult some days/weeks can be. I want to be more intentional with them each day(like you) and create fun learning moments (I struggle with that). You make it look so easy. Thank you for helping inspire me. I think you and your family are beautiful and I love, love the picture of Bo sleeping with Jordan. Melted my heart. So special. They grow up too fast. God Bless you and thank you for posting about your "delightful life." - Rachel

Abby said...

What a relief to have such a beautifully cleaned house and to be getting the things you need to stay organized. I hope your week continues to be wonderful!

Susana said...

I SO hope you get your ikea stuff!!!! You will love it! Yay Luke :)!

Hope you're already having a better week this week.

Wow! YOU have lost a lot of weight :)! Your face looks super thin, Michelle. And beautiful.

Susana said...

And, you and Elli look just alike!

Michelle said...

I have never made a trimmaccinno! I've stayed away from the coffee recipes until now, but a friend posted her bulletproof coffee, so I was imitating that. :) I don't have MCT oil, so I use coconut oil when I add it, along with the Kerrygold butter and cream. Probably too rich, but fills me up. But, I have whey protein powder now, and the gluccie, so I may give the trimmaccinno a try with my "uncoffee"!

Michelle said...

Hi Rachel, :) So happy to have you stop by. Sometimes it is hard to bare my soul online, but I try, ha! I enjoy what I do, but it does get hard. I sometimes have an activity sitting out ready-to-go for DAYS before I have the burst of energy or compulsion to do it. We made soft, silky playdough this week to finish our row of My Green Pocketbook (our 3rd week on the book) and honestly, the only reason I did it was because the book I borrowed from the library to use with our play dough had to be returned - I tried to renew to no avail, alas it was on hold!! haha! So, we made play dough. What I don't like doing online is to complain. I have so much to be thankful for, that even when it gets bad I try to focus on what's good and that spills over into my blog. :) God bless you, Rachel!

Michelle said...

That totally made my day, Susana! Thanks again, dear friend! ♥

Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings said...

GAH that first picture is the sweetest ever!!!! Can't wait to see your new organization and I love the box in that 31 bag -- what a great idea -- what is that?! Glad you're doing well <3

Amy @ Wildflower Ramblings said...

ps you look gorgeous!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Amy! Thanks! And that is the Iris Open-Top Large File Bin.

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