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Lightning Lit & Composition {Review}

Lightning Lit
Lightning Lit

I had never heard of Lightning Lit or Hewitt Homeschooling before this review, but I was impressed when I visited their site for the first time. In fact, I found just what I needed. I needed a literature course for my 10th grader, but I didn't need a full year course. Hewitt offers semester long courses, so I was excited to choose one!


focusing on simplifying my homeschool

spending time and energy on what's really important

staying home more days then I go out

doing less

saying no to say yes

knowing my limits

balancing exciting times with down time ~ makes special times more special

hearing the hum of the fan

loving our countertop oven for baking in the summer

baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with Bo

feeling assured

enjoying summer, watching the kids play in the sprinkler, and family hikes

drinking iced tea {decaf}

taking the kids to swimming twice a week

thankful that Luke is taking the kids to soccer camp and track & field

preparing for a new school year

working on curriculum choices

excited to share our row of Yellow Ball and My Blue Boat and anxious to row another book

needing to rethink how I blog after my site reached it's resource limit and went down

thinking about keeping my focus

missing my boys who are at NW Camp in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

wishing I was there, but happy to be home.

Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms {Review}

Flourish Book Review

Dear friends, I have a special book review for you today called Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms. It is published by Apologia Educational Ministries, sells for $15, and it is just for moms. It is a wonderfully refreshing book that is meant to encourage you to flourish and find balance in your home and homeschool.

Preschool with Bo {Little Hands Update}

A few of you are anxious for an update on Little Hands to Heaven with Bo, so I thought I should let you know that we are reading the books and keeping it very simple!

He enjoys playing with cars on the masking tape letters.

He loves the hide-and-seek.

He mostly loves being read to!

I made a play center for him with all of his favorite learning toys (that I kept up so they would be special).

And he is not only playing, but learning to put things away! :)

Every now and then I offer him a craft to go along with a Bible story, but I mostly keep it simple. Here Bo and Elli are making a Fiery Furnace craft - a fun idea from my friend Lisa ~ see her super cute Fiery Furnace Craft for directions and links!

If you want more inspiration, please check out my Bible Crafts Pinterest board!

Follow {Delightful Learning}'s board Bible Crafts on Pinterest.

In other news, it pretty much rained all of June and July feels a lot like June should be, but we are enjoying the sunshine and cool summer weather. Bo is loving it, especially.

I also started Before Five in a Row again and I can't keep up with Bo. He asks me daily to do "more stool." All I heard this week and last is "more My Blue Boat." Before that it was "more Yellow Ball." :)

Just so you know, I've been on a quest to simplify my homeschool, and I needed to simplify my blogging to do that. I have to post once a week to be on the Crew, but I will be back to regular blogging in August. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy it! August is right around the corner! Eeep! I'm getting excited for a fresh new school year and will have lots to share!

Fizzy Sand Dough {12 Months of Sensory Dough}

While reading all about beaches for our "row" of The Yellow Ball, I decided it would be fun to try to tie in this month's sensory dough with our book!

Fizzy Sand Play is really so simple and easy, but brought much delight to my little one. 

It was the BEST of sand play and water play combined to make fizzy sand play!


Here's what I did:

I mixed play sand (right out of the sand box) with baking soda. I used about 4 cups of sand, 4 cups of baking soda, and a little water to moisten it, and my kids couldn't tell it wasn't just sand - which made it all the more special when I set Bo up with a bucket of  "Fizzy Sand Dough," a gallon of vinegar and some water containers.


The best part? Besides that it kept my little busy for quite a long time, is that that the "fizzy sand dough" kept on fizzing every time he added more vinegar, until he used up the whole gallon of vinegar.

This post is a part of the Best of the Best Sensory Doughs: 12 Months of Sensory Dough!  On the 12th of each month, we will share a different sensory dough.

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I'll see you next month for Slime Dough!

WriteShop Junior Level E {Review}

WriteShop is not just about your child putting pencil to paper. It teaches students how to write using a variety of pre-writing activities and games, graphic organizers, and kid-friendly methods so that writing is easy and fun - even for reluctant writers.

I'm excited to share my review of WriteShop Junior: Book E Set, but even more excited to add it to our curriculum line up this coming school year.

How to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful.

One of my favorite things is peace and quiet. I need lots of it to not only think and focus on mental tasks, but also to recharge my batteries.

Here are a few things we do to keep things calm, quiet, and peaceful in our home:

  • Limit electronic stimulation, T.V.,and any loud or obnoxious noise or toys.

  • Speak in soft calm voices.

  • Take loud or rough play outdoors.

  • Spend time in nature, go on nature walks, and do nature study to promote thoughtfulness and peacefulness.

I've been making it a point to go on a nature walk at least twice a week and my children are loving it. On our last walk up into the beautiful Story Canyon, my little Bo said, "This is a good nature walk."  It was beautiful, peaceful, and yes, very good.
I'm on a quest to simplify our homeschool and I'd love to share with you what I'm learning along the way in a #Simplify Your Homeschool series.

I'd love for you to join me! Is your home quiet and peaceful? What works for you? Do you want more peace and quiet? I challenge you to pick at least one item from the list above and implement it in your home.

Moving Beyond the Page {A Unit Study Curriculum Review}

Moving Beyond the Page is a literature based unit study curriculum that is designed to integrate science, social studies and language arts.

I had fun picking out the Language Arts Package - Sarah Plain and Tall and the Science Package - The Land to review, though it was very hard to decide. There were many I wanted to do, and because Moving Beyond the Page designs their units to be used concurrently, I knew I wanted a unit study that correlated.