Her "First" Snow

Our first snow of the year came unexpectedly. Everything was still green, trees were still covered in leaves and we were still living in our motor home. It was quite an experience ~ especially for Elli, who was too young to remember her very "first" snow last winter. Here she is at 21 months old and she is fascinated by all the cold, wet snow.
Today it is snowing and she asked me to sit her in the window sill so she could see the snow. "Snowing!" she exclaimed as she poined. Pretty soon we'll be bundling her up with the boys to go sledding. Winter is here and I am so thankful that we are all moved into our new house!


  1. Mich... I love you and I need you. As I leave your family I am hoping that I will still be a part of your family. the thought of not having you as my sister breaks my heart. I do not look forward to being replaced by someone who is just a better fit than I ever was, as Sean would say. I hope no one ever replaces me in your heart you always loved me flaws and all. I hope that never changes. I love you... Dreama

  2. You're in my heart to stay -you're not going anywhere! I love you too and I hope that I can be here for you whenever you need me. :-)