Valuable Lessons

All the boys take swimming lessons at the YMCA on Mon. and Wed. while Elli and I enjoy our time together reading books or playing. But, today we came to watch the boys swim and try out my new digital camera. Here I am trying to get Elli to smile for Daddy. It's not working! She is more interested in the pool then having her picture taken. She loves the water!

I am so impressed with how well the boys are doing in their lessons! Dylan is now swimming the whole length of the pool and Mali is learning to back float with his float belt. And Jordan and Nathan learned how to use their jeans as an emergency floating device today! I was way impressed with how they flipped the pants through the air, closed them to trap the air inside and then floated with them! These are valuable lessons they are learning!

This ties in so nicely with our survival unit study, Prepare and Pray, that we are doing. I have been wanting to focus more on life skills in our home school and decided to dedicate Fridays to that. Along with Prepare and Pray, we will also continue with our Contenders of the Faith handbook. I would really like to get the Little Contenders book for Mali, who turns 4 in Feb. And I can't wait until Elli is ready for Little Keepers at Home! We are also reading Created for Work, by Bob Schultz. It is a great tool to use to help them build Godly character, which I think is one of the most important life skills!

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