Noah's Ark for the Very Young

For our Biblical History for the Very Young we have been learning about Noah. Here is what we have been reading, discussing and doing. Readings:
Discussion: {from Torah Explorers Torah portion for children}{Torah by, the way, is the teachings and instructions found in the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, and a portion is just a portion or section of reading from the Torah ~ the first 5 books are foundational to understanding the rest of the Bible!}
Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. (Genesis 6:9)
Noah walked with God.
What does this mean? The word “walk” in Hebrew is “halak” and means “to walk with the feet, or to walk or go in a certain direction with your heart and mind.
This was the case with Noah.
He didn't walk like we do when we take a walk to the park together, but he walked spiritually (in his heart) and walked a Torah-obedient lifestyle. In Psalm 119:1, David talks about the blessings of walking with Yhvh-God, following His ways and not walking in the path of sin:
Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law [torah] of Yahveh. ~Psalm 119:1
You see, there are always two ways to walk: we can walk in the path that leads upward [walking in Yhvh's Torah] . . . OR we can walk in the path that leads downward [in the path of darkness] . . . and against Yhvh’s Torah-instructions of righteousness. Each of us has to make the choice as to which direction we will walk.
Noah was a just man.

Just” is the Hebrew word “tzaddiyq” meaning “a lawful or righteous man.” Noah followed the Torah—Yhvh’s instructions in righteousness.

Noah kept Yhvh-God’s commands completely—he did what Yhvh told him to do!
Is it possible to be just and perfect while NOT walking in a Torah lifestyle and while NOT having a faith in and a love for Yhvh? Noah kept himself separate and unspotted from the world around him spiritually. He and his family lived set-apart (holy) or kadosh (Hebrew for “holy”) lives apart from the evil and immorality of the world around them.
The Torah teaches us how to live that holy, set-apart life. The story of Noah is the story of Yhvh’s redemption or salvation of mankind. In the Bible we see a several-step pattern of how Yhvh saves man from his sin:

  1. Like Noah, man must find grace (preciousness, favor, kindness) in the eyes of Yhvh (Genesis 6:8).
  2. This favor or love of Yhvh for man attracts man to Yhvh causing man to have faith in him.
  3. Man’s faith in Yhvh leads man to love Yhvh and to begin to trust and obey Yhvh’s instructions—the Torah (Genesis 6:9, 2 Peter 2:5 and John 14:15).
  4. This results in man living a set-apart (holy) life so that he is not following the evil world around him (Genesis 6:9–12).
  5. This results in the righteous man being delivered from Elohim’s judgments upon the wicked (Genesis 6:13-14).
Are you living a set-apart or righteous life and walking in obedience? Yeshua (Jesus) is our spiritual ARK of safety from the judgment of Yhvh-God against the wicked in that final day when He will judge all the wicked of the world! We can rest safely and find deliverance in this truth if we walk with Him like Noah did! Activities:
We apply the principles of Torah in our everyday life from what we wear, to what we eat. Instructions on how to live a life pleasing to the Father is all in Torah and every NT command is based off of Torah.
It it were not below zero degrees outside, we would have taken a walk and talked about this as we walked along the way, but we are staying warm inside.
Instead, we built a paper model of Noah's Ark:
Noah's Ark Paper Model from Answers in Genesis
And made a Flood in a Jar.
We pretended that the sprayer was the rain and I asked Mali how many days it rained (40). Then we shook the jar to simulate the shifting plates, earthquakes and fountains of the deep opening up. Our flood waters are still settling ~ so, I will share in another post what happened after the flood. We will also create a fossil in our next lesson and talk about what happened to the dinosaurs.
Rainbow Bucket
We added a rainbow of colorful pipe cleaners to make the rainbow and cotton balls for the clouds. Mali carries his army guys around in it (since that was the bucket that stored them).
Noah's Ark Lapbook
Mali is reading the lapbooks that we made for the letter N and letter R to the kitten. I though this was so sweet and I took the opportunity to explain that not every kind of cat was on the ark, but only one kind of cat (probably a wild cat kind and not a domestic cat).
Rainbow Bead Sorting . . .

Fine motor skills at work. :-)
. . . and Rainbow Bead Stringing
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