What I Love About You ~ 5 Months

I Love. . .

  • how you "hug" my neck and squeeze tight when I hug you

  • your mouth opened wide on my cheek as if you are kissing me and the slobbers that follow

  • how you snuggle me

  • how you are moving more, rolling over both ways now and pushing yourself up

  • how big you are ~ you are growing so fast that people think you are months older than you are

  • that you are outgrowing your 6-9 month clothes already

  • that I am loving you right where you are at because you are growing so fast

  • how you pull on your socks (and pull them off)

  • how you giggle when I wash your hands with a wash cloth (I do this on the changing table before I change your diaper)

  • how you kick your feet on the changing table (you like your diaper changed)

  • and how you kick like crazy in the tub

  • playing peek-a-boo with your clothes when I change you

  • your smiles and giggles

  • feeling your warm cheeks against mine

  • how excited you get when you see me, followed by your bashfulness

  • the curly do on the top of your head

  • feeding you your first foods {no reason to delay and you are more than ready and willing}

  • that at 5 months you are 17 pounds

Photos from the last month, mostly in order ~

He still sucks on his fingers, but it is sporadic. The other day, he fell asleep sucking two fingers, but that was a first. 

Bo had a fever for 2 days this month. I thought he might be teething, but no teeth yet. 

The boys thought it was funny that you were sucking in your bottom lip and wanted me to photograph it ~ you would stop to smile as soon as I held up the camera so it took a few times to get this shot and you are just starting to smile in it. =)

I've just started feeding Bo solids this past week. I've given him apple sauce, rice cereal, pureed bananas and carrot, and a small bit of avocado so far. He was more than ready. His face would light up and he would get excited whenever we ate or drank in front of him. I started giving him sips of water from a glass and that was it. . . he wanted more. 

I've been signing with Bo. So far, I am signing his name, milk (when I breast feed), water, drink, eat, apples, juice, bananas, carrots, favorite, more, all done, love you and diaper (when I change him).   

5 months. 

I love this boy. 


  1. I love these posts. Reminds me to keep treasuring as well. My baby is already one. No matter how much I cherish the moments they still pass too quickly.

    Thank you for sharing your precious little boy!

  2. He is just adorable, and those curls on top of his head are just so cute! I love all of the sibling love he gets, precious.

  3. AHHH! He is just toooooooo cute!!!!! My little one is just a week or so behind your little guy and she's 16lbs (at her 4month check up) so there must be something in the water lol!

  4. Ahhhh!!! Just love these posts! My little one USED to love having her diaper changed, but the past few weeks, she's been a bit of a trial. I think we need to potty train.

  5. LOVE the curl on top of his head!!! So sweet! He looks like he is delightful Michelle! I can't believe he's 5 months already , wow that's gone fast!!!!!
    Luv Donna

  6. He's SO gorgeous Michelle! I love these posts (even if I don't always comment -sorry I am so slack!) I really love that you are signing with him; its something I've been thinking about doing this time around. Any good places you can recommend so I can learn more about the signs you described?
    Love to you,
    Lus x

  7. I was just coming over to leave you comments on your recent posts, but it looks like you turned them off :) I FULLY understand!!! It was nice to see you and the mud looks like so much fun :)...well, maybe not for the laundering, but certainly for the children.

  8. Oh man, you gotta love that drooly face! ♥