Madeline {FI♥AR}


We've been rowing Madeline the last two weeks. Elli says her favorite part is where Madeline says, "Pooh-pooh" to the tiger at the zoo. Madeline is a spunky little girl who lives in a world of order at a boarding school. . .  

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines. . .

We sang a French nursery rhyme ~ Frère Jacques. This is a fun song to sing in the round. We listened to several other French songs, learned hello {bonjour} and goodbye {'au revoir}in French, and learned some interesting facts about France from the Madeline Book & CD. Fun!

We watched a 360 degree view from the Eiffel Tower, did the geography component from the Madeline lapbook at HSS, and placed the story disk for Madeline on the world map

We made French Crêpes for breakfast one morning and I pulled Another Trip Around the World off the shelf for cultural awareness. I read the "For Your Information" and "Fascinating Facts" on France and did some language activities (counted to ten and recited the colors in French) and made French Hot Chocolate.
Making French Crêpes

". . . lived twelve little girls in two straight lines."

"If twelve little girls are in two straight lines, how many girls are in each line?" (I had them use chocolate chips to solve the word problem).

They left the house, at half past nine. . . in rain or shine -

I decided we would go for a walk the next day - at half past nine  - rain or shine. And guess what? It rained.

We walked to the library.

As you can see, it doesn't take us long to walk to the library. We read some more Madeline books and played for 30 minutes before walking home. By the time we got home it was snowing.

We finished the Madeline lapbook from Homeschool Share.

Lap Journal:

"She was not afraid of mice. . . "

How appropriate that we saw a mouse or two (shudder) in our house this week.

Elli found the mouse and she was terrified.  She went to show me and I saw the mouse and I screamed. Then I laughed when I realized I scared her more. After we settled down:

Elli: "Mouses everywhere. . . and I don't appreciate it. I don't like mouses."
Me: You don't like mice?
Elli: "No, I don't like mouses."
Me: No, you don't like mice

(So then I explained that we say mouse for one mouse, and mice for more than one)

When I went to her room to see, I put my hand on the door knob to open the door and she exclaimed, "No! Don't open the door, it will scurry out!" (I hadn't heard her use the word scurry before!).


Elli: "Madeline is not afraid of mice, but I AM." 
Then she said to Pop: "I saw a mouse and it runned and I yelled."
To which he said: "It ran? 

Lol. Noun and verb forms - fun. . . the little mouse adventure - not so fun.

"Tiptoeing with solemn face, with some flowers and a vase,"

Paper Daisy Flower Arranging

(The girls each bring Madeline a daisy and Miss Clavel brings a vase to put them in).

We also planted some daisy seeds.

Flower Activities ~ Garden Preschool Pack

". . . in they walked and then said, "Ahhh," when they saw the toys and candy and dollhouse from Papa."

We learned that the French word for candy is bon bon and did some activities from the new Candy Preschool Pack from 1+1+1=1.

"But the biggest surprise by far, on her stomach was a scar!"

Madeline has an appendectomy. . .  I showed the little ones where our appendix is and where the scar would be if it were removed.

The Appendix Has a Function

I printed an illustration of Appendicitis and had them color the appendix. I did some research so that I could share a Biblical worldview with them and found some good articles at Answers in Genesis on the vermiform (worm-like) appendix. Scientists have known that the appendix has a function for some time now.  In the early 1900's, 180 structures in the human body were considered vestigial (useless) and it is now almost unanimously agreed that they all have at least one function - including the appendix. Source:  Do Any Vestigial Organs Exist in Humans? From what I understand, the appendix acts like a filter and aids the immune system placing it as "the body’s front-line in the battle against infection." Source: The Human Vermiform Appendix - A General Surgeon's Reflections.  There you have it ~ the appendix has a function and is not a bi-product of evolution as originally suggested by Charles Darwin. 

Narration and Illustration:

I had Malachi narrate the story to me while I type, then I print it and have him illustrate it.

Malachi's narration and illustration.

I sometimes have Elli narrate, but my favorite thing to do for her age is video record her "reading" the book.

Madeline Outtakes ~ we had so many interruptions!

Instead. . .

I decided to type her narration, too. They have the story half memorized so it was hard to get them to summarize the story for me. I specifically worked with Mali on this and just stopped Elli at a point.

I have always loved her face when she is concentrating.
That's a wrap! 

This doll is well loved ~ both of them.  
To do:

I found a brand new white, school uniform shirt just like Madeline's at Goodwill the other day and I thought this Madeline Hat would be so cute with it!

Madeline lives in a world of order... so my hope was to make a school schedule for us to follow. I actually entered to {hopefully} win one of three homeschool planners last week... and then I confessed on facebook/twitter that I am a homeschool planner drop out! I will say that I did consistently try do school with Malachi in the mornings and hope to continue that and work on getting some sort of a schedule that works for us both because I can see that Malachi, like his dad, strives on order and routine.

Eliana is in preschool (age 4) and Malachi is transitioning to 1st grade (age 6). I hope to share what else we are doing to supplement Five in a Row (which by the way, we are still loving!) but rather than row one book per week, we will take 2 weeks to row a book so that we can do other things as well.  Note: The above activities were done over a two week period (2 days one week, 3 days the next). 

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