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HSV Garden Challenge #3

A month ago. 
It is hard to tell in this picture, but the morning glories I started are growing up the tomatoes two trays down. Something else I did not expect ~ my tomatoes are vining. They will need to be trellised rather than caged.  I was so surprised to see them growing along the top of the tray.

I also didn't expect to have any green in my garden. (Didn't this time last year).

Our Peter Rabbit garden box ~ radish, turnip, carrot, and swiss chard sprouts in the back row.
Lettuce and peas in the front.  I have some cabbage starts to put out too. 

I made the holes with a pencil, then let them drop the seeds in and cover them up. 

I planted 2- 4x4 boxes of bare root strawberry plants that are peeking out. . . 

another 100 onion sets since my last update

Onions planted last month.
[Note wood in background.] New wood for new space: 1'4" x 25' along the south side of the garden fence.  

I have a pile of bamboo garden stakes to build a tomato trellis. I also thought to make a bamboo teepee and grow a green beens up it for the little ones. 

I've been snipping these for soups:


Lovin' the rain we've been getting. Kids have been playing in puddles and even harvesting rain water for the garden ~ with anything they can find. 

The rain has brought unusual moisture to our back yard and along with it some new critters. Nathan found one this under a rock.

After all this rain, I'm ready for some sunshiny weather. I think my garden is too.