37 Week Checklist, Pregnancy Update and Plans

We are planning an unattended homebirth ~ meaning I will be birthing at home without the presence of a midwife  ~ just our family and Father's presence. We have trusted Father to guide us through Eliana's birth and while it was a faith stretcher, we have grown much stronger in our faith and continue to trust Him to be with us for this birth as well.

And we are very excited that this could happen in as little as 2 weeks {or less}!

(I have never gone past 39 weeks).

I have been seeing a midwife out of state for prenatal support during my last trimester.

At 37 Weeks:
  • Baby is head down, left, occiput, transverse (LOT). Pelvic rocks (tilts) and leaning forward exercises will continue to encourage baby to turn anterior and baby will hopefully naturally turn during labor if I stay upright and active. (I have been actively doing leaning forward exercises throughout my last trimester to prevent a posterior baby). 

  • My urinalysis was perfect. Ph 7. Blood pressure 124/74. Measuring 37.5 cm. Fetal heart tones = 145. Weight gain good.

37 Week Check List:

I made this list with my husband on our trip to the midwife this week (to help us prepare).

Birthing Pool Set Up

My La Bassine Pool

We are planning another waterbirth with this pool. I love the thick padded sides and soft inflated floor, the large handles on the sides, that it is deep enough to fully submerge my belly and that it is easy to get in and out. . . not to mention the benefits of waterbirth, itself!

Supplies for pool:

  • white RV hose

  • faucet adaptor

  • new fish net

  • plastic liner

  • towels

  • pump

  • bleach/iodine

  • kettle/pot for heating water for pool

  • blankets/mattress with clean sheets close to pool in case mom needs to get out (optional birthing spot)

  • bed pan in case mom doesn't want to get out of pool to pee

  • chair or stool for pool for after baby is born or a clean bucket to remove water (water was too deep after baby born)


  • Water heater turned up

  • Supplies gathered

  • Pool tested

Testing pool for leaks
To do:

  • Sterilize hose and pool thermometer (1 tsp bleach/gallon cold water or 1/4 c. bleach/10 gallons)

  • Pool inflated (bottom firm, sides very firm ~ should not sink when leaned on ~ will need a little more air right before the birh)

  • Wash pool with warm soapy water/rinse

  • Sterilize pool (1 tsp bleach/gallon cold water, rinse well or use iodine)

  • Plastic liner (shower curtain) on floor where pool goes (at least 2 feet around pool)

  • Place towels on liner around the pool to prevent slipping and absorb any water

  • Have bath towels/robe available for mom

(We will do this the first part of the coming week!) Check!

When filling pool:

  • Remove aerator from faucet and attach faucet adaptor; attach hose

  • Fill pool 3/4 with 95 degree water ~ adjust to mom's desired temp after she is in pool (97 - 100 degrees)

  • Water must be deep enough to cover mom's belly for complete warm water benefits

Gathering supplies

Birth Supplies List:

Camera (maybe we will use it this time).


  • Exercise ball (birthing ball for different labor positions before getting in pool during active labor)

  • Water bottle/drinks/snacks (water, juice, teas, fruit)

  • Straws

  • Hair ties

  • Sterile gloves/pool gloves (didn't use last time)

  • Clean/sterile sheets on mattress for laboring outside pool (just in case)

  • Good book/relaxing music

  • Good movie for the kids in case I labor during the day


  • Wash cloths for small clean-ups

  • Warm towels and receiving blankets (warm in 170 - 200 degree oven or clothes drier)

  • Cord clamps x 2

  • Clean/sterilized sharp scissors* to cut cord (sterilize in boiling water for 20 minutes, leave in water until ready to use)

  • Infant hat*

  • Bulb syringe*

  • Tape measure*

  • Scale to weigh baby (picked up a digital scale from Cabelas ~ love that it will keep a record each time I weigh baby ~ I will use a sling to hold baby in)

  • Foot-printer (Kleen-print)*

  • Herbal tinctures: Wombstringe (excess bleeding) and Placenta Out (sticky placenta)*

  • Peri bottle for rinsing afterwards*

  • After-Birth Sitz Bath (make "tea" to soak and freeze pads for after-birth soothing and for rinsing)*

  • Chux pads (blue pads) in every room in case needed

  • Sanitary napkins/old cloth diaper stash

  • Mesh undies for immediate postpartum*, + extra u

  • Large plastic bag for placenta (will freeze and bury it in the spring/plant a tree)

  • Clothes for mom after birth: nursing gown/robe and leggings, slipper socks

  • Clothes for baby: onesie, socks, baby nightgown, swaddling blanket, diapers, wipes (in changing table)

  • Goldenseal (cord care)*

  • Contract Ease (herbal tincture)*

  • Natural Calm (magnesium supplement) take now and after for muscle support

Note: I bought the items marked with * from In His Hands birthing supply.

Herbal Tinctures:

  • Wombstringe ~ slows excess bleeding ~ nursing baby asap is best ~ helps clamp down uterus (placenta contains pitocin and a small piece can be placed under tongue for nutritional support as well).

  • Placenta Out ~ aids placenta expulsion, use 1 tsp for nutritional support, repeat in 15 minutes

  • Contract Ease ~ support after birth ~ use 1 tsp every 2-4 hours as needed for support (my midwife also recommends Natural Calm magnesium to ease after-birth pains). 


  • Brown paper bags to warm/sterilize towels, sheet and baby blankets 

  • Rescue Remedy

  • Wipe warmer for cloth wipes

  • Thermal blankets for baby


  • Birthing supplies will be on top of changing table in birthing room (in plastic bags, labeled as Labor and Delivery and After-birth and Mama Care ~ for easy set up)

  • Birthing room should be clean with good lighting, with a way to dim

  • Bathroom should be clean too! 

During labor/delivery:

  • Remind me to keep my bladder empty (can get in the way of baby working his or her way out)

  • Remind me to stay well hydrated and well nourished 

  • Stay active and upright (helps baby to get in the best position)

  • When I get to the point where I feel like I cannot handle anymore I am mostly likely in transition and baby will be here soon!

  • Wait until the cord stops pulsating before you cut (no hurry) ~ clamp twice, cut between clamps (about an inch from baby for the first clamp).

I mentioned in my 37 week update that my water breaks well before labor starts (23 hours with Eliana), so I am fully expecting the same. . . we'll see!

I think my body is trying to tell me to take it easy, so I am hoping to rest up these last 2 weeks and prepare for baby's arrival.  So excited to meet this little one!


  1. Wow! Thank you for such a detailed post. I am 15 wks, and plan to meet the midwife next week. We are planning our second homebirth and learning to trust YHVH! I hope you meet your baby very soon.

  2. Oh so exciting!!! I loved reading your lists! We have had unassisted water births at home for our last 2 births and my lists in preparation look similar to yours. I love the weeks from 37 onwards, I also go early and the anticipation of knowing the bubba could come any day makes it one of my favourite times. Praying for you ti have a beautiful ruach filled birth!!
    Luv Donna

  3. Oh Chel I am blessed to be able to read about your progress and plans. May YHVH bless you and the family during this time!

  4. amazing! May YHWH bless you and grant you a quick and easy delivery. Isn't it wonderful to know you are in HIS care? Love you, and praying all will go smoothly! I can't wait to see the little one!!! I wish I could drive the 30 plus hours to be there =)

  5. Have a wonderful birth! :) We had a homebirth with our last and it was amazing. My goal is to have an unassisted birth with our next child if we are blessed with another pregnancy.

  6. What a detailed post! Both of my children were born at home in the tub. I'll be sending good labor vibes your way :)

  7. Thank you for the post! I love lists! :) I will be thinking about you and your upcoming birth.

  8. Can't wait Michelle, may your birth be blessed, you are loved from so many all over. Blessings and shalom

  9. I love to make playlists for my home births. I do it in that last week or so. It helps distract me as I "wait" and it is a prayerful worshipful preperation because music is a blessed part of my birthing worship. It has been different every time. Each time YHVH lead me to make a list of music that was absolutly perfect for that birth and season of my life. Those songs are connected to that experiance with me forever now! This past birth (last dec) He lead me to two new artists that I had never heard of before...so it was all fresh and new...but as if I had heard it a million times. I danced in the early part of my labor and picked up the words in no time as if I had heard them a million times before. I was so in tune with YHVH through it all! It starts with praying over the play list and letting Him lead me all the way through my recovery.

    Bless you Chelle! You know I am waiting in the wings and keeping you in prayer. May your birth be a faithfilled act of worship (with or without music!). Much Love, p