Homeschool Highlights ~ Weeks 13 and 14

56 days in school.


History:  Learning about the prophets (Isaiah and Jonah), Kings of Israel and the Syrians.

Read Aloud:

Luke has been doing the History readings as well as the read-aloud.

Nutrition 101: Started Unit 5 Chapter 1, Circulatory System

I usually read this aloud, but I had the boys read this themselves this week and will complete the projects next week.


Nathan and Dylan are studying the Life in the Blood.
Jordan is studying Energy and Life.


Jordan completed and passed his final bridge (test) in Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology! He scored a 20/21. I still need to figure his final grade, but he has to get a 9/10 to pass a bridge and he usually makes sure he passes on the first try, so I suspect he has done well. Fred has been a huge success and has not only increased Jordan's confidence, but also his ability. He also says this was the best book so far and insists that I read it. :-) He is taking a week off of math and then will either start Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics now or complete one final bridge per week until January (just to keep it fresh) and then start.

Nathan and Dylan are trailing right behind and will take their final bridge next week in Life of Fred Fractions.

ELA: We completed 3 lessons in All About Spelling, worked on contractions in Easy Grammar, and plugged away at Daily Grams and Writing Strands.


Jordan has been participating in noon-ball (soccer) occassionally, Homeschool P.E., Ice-Skating and Swimming these last couple weeks. He also put in a few hours at the Y working (he helped out with Pancake Breakfast, helped with the basketball program and helped work on a machine in the weight room).

Dylan is spending a couple hours in the afternoon once a week playing cribbage with an elderly widow that lives next door. He is such as wiz at adding that I thought he would enjoy this. . . and I know she loves the company. We bought a cribbage board this week and Dylan is teaching us to play.

Dylan also participated in Archery at the Y ~ it is offered once a week for 30 minutes. His first time, he scored 8 out of 10 in accuracy. He has also been shooting hoops with Pop for 30 minutes at a time here and there.

All ~ Dodge-ball or Soccer one night a week.

Tonight they are playing chess ~ gearing up for when Chess starts up at the Y in about a month.


With a short week last week and with baby coming, we tried to get in a couple extra days this week. I didn't have as much energy to do some of the projects that go along with extra school days, so we will have to make those up.

5K and Preschool:

We rowed The Snowy Day and did some book work.

This sweet thing has been asking me daily to do her math book.

We are using the textbook and the activity book and she enjoys both.

We did a few lessons in the ETC primer, but she is not as interested in this yet, so I won't pull it out again for a couple months unless she asks for it.

I don't think I have caught her trying to use the pencil sharpener on her own before! 
And yes, she is wearing her infamous "tot school dress" with purple pants since it is winter and too short for a dress now. This dress (and one other like it) was her sign that she wanted to do Tot School when she was 2 1/2!

Baby on the way: I am 37+ weeks! I have never gone past 39 weeks, so it could be very soon. I have received emails asking me more about my pregnancy and plans to homebirth and I am working on a post to share on my family blog ~ here it is: 37 Week Checklist, Pregnancy Update and Plans.

Giveaway: I am giving away a 32 ounce bottle of Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner ~ 2 days left to enter!

Hope you had a great week!

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  1. You amaze me. I don't know where you get your energy! Your routines and ideas are a wonderful inspiration. Just wanted you to know how I appreciate your blog :)

  2. great weeks! How did Jordan like the LOF w/biology? That's Halea's next book... The percents and decimals has slowed her down a bit... any suggestions? Math is definitely not her strong area, that's why we chose LOF.
    You have done a wonderful job, mama... you can always do those undone activities later, sweet heart. Just take the time to prepare, and spend some quality time just being with your babies... you school for life, right =) It will get done right when it is suppose to ;D

    Love you, my dear friend! Shabbat Shalom!

  3. That sounds like a really interesting science study. We are learning a lot of terminology right now like scientific theory and scientific investigation. Studying the blood sounds a lot more interesting. Congratulations on the great math scores.


  4. What energy?! (ha ha) I think it has flown South for the winter. ;-)

    Thank you for your kind comments!! I truly appreciate you letting me know. :-)

  5. It was his favorite so far! As far as Decimals and Percents, I think slowing down is okay ~ let her take her time and do a few problems a day, re-read the chapter, make sure she has it before moving on ~ I think it gets a little challenging, but the rewards of sticking it out has paid off for us!

    And thank you! I am not expecting much from myself for a bit. :-)