Homeschool Highlights ~ Weeks 15 and 16

I'm not supposed to be writing this post. I fully intended to do a monthly highlights post next time instead of my normal bi-weekly highlights. . .

I thought I would be holding a newborn baby by now ~ which means I am still pregnant. I am due the 22nd (3 days away), but I usually go a week early. So, this is the longest I have ever been pregnant!

At my 39 week midwife appointment, baby had dropped (which brought some much needed relief from some pelvic/sciatic pain) although not engaged yet, was head down, centered and anterior ~ in perfect position.  I started a Baby Stats Game to help me pass the time (thank you to all who played! ~ it was fun to read!).

I was up two nights this weekend taking care of Jordan, who had a fever and sore throat, and after a day of fighting it off, I am feeling better. Hallelu Yah! (Praise Yah!)

And now I am waiting. Patiently. All in His good time!

And writing this post. :-)

Days in school: 64

Highlights from the last 2 weeks ~

  • Grapevine: "The Kings of Judah," "The Kingdom Divided", Review
  • Victor's Journey Through the Bible: "Josiah Repairs the Temple," "The Story of Jeremiah," "Judah Falls"
  • Holman Bible Atlas: "Manessah's Long Rule," "The Kingdom of Josiah"

Read-Aloud: Luke finished reading Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court (The Knights of Arrethtrae)

Nutrition 101/Science:

The Heart and Cardiovascular System ~

Blood Typing

"A"  Positive

Learning to Take Blood Pressure

Making a Homemade Stethoscope

Jordan finished Module 12, Energy and Life, and started Module 13, the Digestive System.

Math: Review ~ one final bridge per week until the new year.

ELA: Completed 2 lessons in All About Spelling, Regular/Irregular Verbs in Easy Grammar, and plugged away in Language Lessons and Daily Grams.  The boys have finished their Writing Strands for this semester. Jordan has been writing on topics of his choosing ~ so far he has written a description paper on How to Change a Flat Tire and How to Drive a Stick (Manual Transmission). He is enjoying this kind of writing and I can see him applying the techniques that he has learned from Writing Strands!


We completed Lesson 1 in Visual Latin and began Building Thinking Skills Book 2 and Book 3 from Critical Thinking.

The boys have started Dodgeball. They are having play-offs this year and the competition is fierce (Nathan and Dylan are on a team playing against big brother). This is the second year Luke has had this program and the boys are super excited about it, keeping stats and all . . . and getting their school done if they want to play. ;-)

Little Ones: We are on much needed break from Five In A Row as I plan for the coming year.

Eliana and I have been having some informal (all oral) letter picnics. For example, "we're having a "T" party, what should we bring?" Tea, our teddy bear, tulips for the table, etc. We have also been working on letter recognition with the foam letters during bath time and reading books together.

Malachi is still working in Explode the Code Book 1, is reading his Bob books and his Bible ~ the most important book he says. :-) He has been making imaginary maps ~ a hobby he learned from Nathan and we have also been playing games as a family ~ mostly Sorry and Farkle. Malachi is doing quite well with adding 100's and 50's and keeping score in Farkle!

He also completed a bulletin board game {Dollar Tree} that I set up for him.

Hope you had a great week!

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  1. I love that bulletin board ... may have to scout out our local store (fingers crossed). Praying your new bundle arrives safely! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

  2. Michelle,

    I was wondering if you had your little one yet! I've been praying for you. I remember those waiting days! Of course I was 10 days overdue----praying yours doesn't wait that long and comes at the perfect time. May His peace cover you and His joy sustain you.

  3. It looks like a great two weeks! I love the bulletin board and the science- cool hands on stuff. I don't think we even have dodge ball around here. How fun! Hoping your next post includes a baby in the classroom! :)

  4. So glad your little one will arrive soon! Enjoy that little blessing and moving up to six children - it's a blast!


  5. Shalom sweet friend,
    Homemade stethoscope, too cool! I also love the dollar tree game... wish we had one here still.
    Thanks for linking up, I always love to see your learning :D
    Praying all is well for you and your family this week. Waiting patiently to see the little one!
    As you said, All in HIS good timing ;D
    Much love,