For Today: My Due Date

Outside my window... 

melting snow

I am thinking...  

that I can't believe I made it to my due date! I am 40 weeks and still pregnant! I was really hoping to have baby today so that we would have Dec. 22, Jan. 22 (Eliana), and Feb 22 (Malachi) birth days, but as I wrote in my pregnancy journal, I have resolved that Father has an appointed time for this baby to be born and I trust Him with all aspects of this birth. . . and will keep trusting!

I am thankful for...  

the amazing way that Father blesses and provides. Today, while out and about, a woman that I do not know handed me a plain envelope, said take care of that baby, and walked away. There was $50 inside. I don't have much for the baby yet because I don't know if it is a girl or boy and I have given most of my baby things away. . . but I know He will provide all that I need. 

the basket of french bread, oatmeal bread, banana bread and organic apples that we were blessed with this week.  It was an amazing help to this mama who has not felt like baking! I made peanut butter yogurt dip to eat with the apples and banana bread ~ so yummy! 

my husband's thoughtfulness ~ he has been peeling me oranges and putting them in baggies in the fridge for me to grab in the middle of the night, making my RRL tea for me, and has taken me on several hot chocolate dates the past couple weeks. He is also very helpful around the house and asks me what he "can do to love me today." :-)

From the learning rooms...  

colored pencils need put away, chalk board needs wiped off and a pile of books need put away... all signs that school is over for the day.  

On my desk...

piles of school papers, school supplies, craft supplies, knitting things, scrapbooking supplies, my camera, laptop,  mail... and the paperwork to register the baby once he or she gets here! 

From the kitchen... 

I browned some elk burger for spaghetti sauce. Nathan made the sauce and noodles and I made bread sticks and a Jodi salad (minus the dijon, plus the lemon juice). I also seasoned some burger for tacos for later on in the week. 

I am wearing... 

black maternity culottes ~ soft, flowing and super comfy, and a long sleeve grey cotton shirt. 

I am creating... 

a meal plan for the rest of the week ~ tacos and bean/cheese burritos are what I have prepped for so far. 

lesson plans for our Five in a Row adventure. 

I am going... 

I may go to the Y to walk around the track tomorrow if baby isn't here yet. 

I am hoping...

that we picked the right name for the baby

and praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

I am hearing... 

Luke and Nathan cleaning the kitchen, Jordan talking on the phone with his grandma, and kids getting ready for bed so we can watch a documentary. Well, now Luke is making popcorn. I can never just type up a post like this in one sitting! We are watching Frontier House ~ a story about 3 modern families experiencing frontier life. 

Around the house...

House is clean as it will get. The birthing room is all set up, the supplies are ready to go. 

One of my favorite things...

baby moving inside me. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: 

have a baby? :-)

A picture thought I am sharing:


  1. Oh Michelle, praying bubba comes soon and safely!! The end is the hardest!!! But you are so right YHVH does have a plan purpose and time for this bubba.
    Love and hugs and so looking forward to reading how the birth of this precious one goes!
    Luv Donna

  2. PS, its lunch time over here and that picture of the bread has made me hungry!!LOL

  3. I've been thinking of will be here when it is time (hard as it can be to wait!) glad you have such a loving and helpful family (your husbands sweet comment to you melted my heart!). I, too, cannot wait to hear the story of the birth ♥

  4. Amazing you can get so much done in a day being so pregnant. Can't wait to read about the amazing, supernatural birth experience you are about to have. I love how your hubby asks you how to love you.