School With the Little Ones {2011-2012 Curriculum}

Pulling together 1st grade.

I will share more on the older boys another time. For now, here is Eliana's 4K and Malachi's 1st grade line-up and plan for this school year.

Since I have already started school with Mali and Elli, I have been working on sharing more on what we do outside of Five in a Row. If you would like to see how anything we are using works in our home, please let me know. I do my best to share how and why something works for us, but if you have any questions on any curriculum I share, please feel free to ask.

Thanks to a dear blogging friend, I am excited to share that I am following a schedule! and keeping a record of our lesson plans this year. Tamara at All of a Kind Family shared her Rowing the Week lesson planning sheet with me and I fell in love. It reminds me so much of Sonlight, complete with a little box to check. [Love it.] I am a confessed box checker, but I am striving for excellence, not perfection. [Love the freedom in that.] For me, that means that I will do my best to do everything heartily as unto YHVH. . . and extend grace to myself when we don't get it all done.

To help me, I printed 36 Rowing the Week planning sheets. Each sheet is 5 days, so that is 180 days of school. Friday {prep day} is a light day, the day we will make our FIAR recipe and also library day. Monday is Homemaking day and Wednesday is Basic Skills day (a part of our Little Keepers at Home and Little Contenders of the Faith).

So, here is where I need some help: What do I do when I schedule a book to be rowed over 1 week, but we only got 3 or 4 days of rowing in? I don't need a whole week to finish. . .

Here is that link again: Eliana's 4K and Malachi's 1st grade {2011-2012}