What I Love About Dylan {11 years}

Dylan, my little ray of sunshine, is 11.

I Love. . . 
  • how fun loving you are

  • your sweet and gentle spirit

  • your big hugs

  • playing tennis with you

  • you treating me to a Starbucks 

  • how generous you are with your money 

  • that you are saving it a little more now

  • how good you are with Boaz and that you offer to hold him for me

  • that you are molding into Enoch Obadiah ~ "dedicated servant."

  • how you have matured over the past year

  • that I could still list the qualities that I loved about you when you were 9 and 10 (I almost repeated myself at the risk of sounding redundant, but they still are true)

Your life is:

  • Y soccer and vollyball

  • playing Wii

  • playing at the park

  • roller blading 

  • being a good brother

  • homeschool (going into the 6th grade)

My life is: {from Dylan}
  • learning to drive {the Honda on our private road}

  • growing stronger in my faith {smile}

We had a fun day that included soccer, volleyball, a BBQ, and homemade grape-lime slushes.