What I Love About You ~ 6 Months

Boaz, my sweet baby boy,

I love. . .

  • that you are 6 months old already

  • that you are 18 pounds (and a 12 month size) 

  • how you have changed so much over the past month

  • what a fun age you are at

  • that you can sit supported for a good amount of time

  • that you are a very active boy

  • that you are scooting and pushing up, getting ready to crawl

  • you playing with your toys

  • you jumping like crazy in the Johnny Jump-Up 

  • that you will jump when I hold you in my lap

  • you in in your daddy's outfit from when he was a baby (even though the shirt is a little small and the pants are a little big)

  • your funny expressions

  • rolls of baby chubs.

  • your curly-do hair-do and strawberry-blonde curls. 

  • your sweet, irresistible baby tummy that is perfect for blowing fishies on

  • slobbers and baby drool

  • your baby kisses and smothers of love

  • your first toother (lower right central incisor - #p)

  • signing with you 

  • nursing you

  • snuggle with you at night 

  • how you will roll over and go to sleep when I stop nursing you at night 

  • how you bang your head against me when I'm sleeping with my back to you and you want me to roll back over (lol)

  • sleeping in with you and how happy you are in the morning

  • that you are taking several good naps during the day 

  • that you splash like crazy in the bathtub still

  • sitting on the front porch with you on sunny mornings

  • watching the rain and listening to thunderstorms in the afternoons with you

  • that you only occasionally suck on your fingers and will only take your plug at sleep time

  • how you finger the ribbon on your Lovie and snuggle up to it

  • your sweet baby talk and smiles

  • that you are a beautiful baby

  • that you are so full of life

  • everything about you

  • that Father blessed me with you

  • that I could go on and on and on

I wuuuv my little man soooo much. ♥