Project 52 {Week 10}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 10.

This week. . .

(3.4.12 - 3.10.12)


And plenty of warm sunshine to melt it all. 

Speaking of melting. . .  

This boy melts my heart.

One day, Elli asked me to braid her hair to make it "curly" again. . . 

I love how she loves how pretty and crimped it is. And I love how she is looking at herself in the mirror - happy with who she sees. 

I'm happy, too. She is beautiful inside and out. 

This week. . . 

  • we rowed Papa Piccolo - keeping it simple. 

  • we did Sonlight P4/5 Weeks 6, 7 and 8.

  • we finished Week 27 in school (older boys) and the count down begins - 9 weeks left of school (after spring break, that is). 

  • boys wrapped up Chess club and finished floor hockey.

  • Jordan started soccer practice (official season has begun).

  • Nathan did cross training.

I am. . . 

  • reading: through the Bible

  • capturing: randomness

  • drinking: decaf coffee ~ not my usual, but so far so good. (I am sensitive to the tiniest amount of caffeine and most decaf coffees have caffeine.) I am also drinking iced tea, which means it is warming up! 

  • eating: chocolate and more chocolate

  • feeling: emotional, tired, and hormonal

  • rearranging: Jordan's room, living room and dining room - moved Jordan's desk to his room (all my stuff went into a box for now) and helped him clean his room (looks nice, clean, and comfortable).

  • loving: the new space in the living room and the new (to us, but nice) china cabinet in the dining room - it actually has dishes in it, and not books - for now. 

  • cleaning: I spent a good hour cleaning my room, and a few hours another day cleaning the little ones' room - took the bunks apart (they were sleeping together on the bottom bunk - they are in an L shape now) and moved Elli's clothes back into the master closet - no more clothes in their bedroom = easier for them to keep it clean. 

  • organizing: office desk drawers and book shelves and adding color coded stickers to spines (never mind the pile of cds, quilting squares, cardstock, and school projects cluttering the top of my printer desk). 

  • seeing: more clutter on my computer table ~ file folders with ideas and activities to do, baskets of crayons, of ink pads and pens, rubber cement, scissors, new insurance cards (which means a bill is coming soon), Vitamix cookbook, sock puppets, papers, books. . .a 20 count box of  Stash Black Tea Chai Spice I can't drink (Luke bought it for me without realizing that it has caffeine.) He also left me a sweet note on my computer - I had my Project Life journal page pulled up and he typed this:

  • hearing: "3 moves until a stale mate" (Luke and Nathan up late playing chess). I'm waiting for Luke's move - ended up being a check mate - Luke's win. Nathan held out for 17+ moves. . . he may be able to beat him soon. Luke's only been beat once, by Dylan. 

  • helping: Jordan clean the chicken coop 

  • blogging: catching up on posts and reviews on my learning blog ~ ready for a break now.

  • preparing: for a week with just Jordan, Elli and Bo.