Project 52 {Week 9}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 9.

(2.26 ~ 3.4)

This week. . .

  • In school: Week 26 ~ Ottoman Turks, Constantinople, Ferdinand and Isabella Unite Spain, and Henry the Navigator.

  • We are rowing: Grandfather's Journey.

  • I started Sonlight with Eliana. 

  • Sports: Soccer playoffs (Luke and Nathan made it to the championship game), Floor hockey (Nathan and Malachi, Jordan coaching/ref'ing), HS Soccer (Jordan), Cross Training started (Nathan and Dylan), and Chess playoffs start. 

I am. . .

  • going: to the Y

  • playing: pickleball

  • capturing: Baby Bo because he is growing so fast, play, sports, and SCHOOL.

Just a few pics this week. . . 


Bo pulled the cap over his eyes and then ran around the room giggling. He was so funny. 


Walking to the Y. Dylan is so sweet with Bo, helping him over the snow and ice.

Jordan with his little team that he coaches.

Malachi playing floor hockey. 

The weeks are flying by. . . a little too fast at times.