Project 52 {Week 18}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 18.

April 29th - May 5th.

This week. . .

  • the weeks are flying by and it seems more so as I start this entry.

  • I finished putting all my photos in my 2011 album. I had to order another album to fit them all in and I have a stack of at least 500 photos that didn't make it. I am being much more selective and I think that is a good thing. Although, at times, it is hard to not put them all in. I still only have about 3 months of journaling completed so lots to do there. 

  • I am having a harder time working current with my printing situation. I can't get my order to go through to Walgreens. I ordered from another printer online and had prints shipped, but I am not happy with the quality. They reprinted the order, but I am not hopeful. So, I will be working on past albums for now. Maybe a blessing in disguise?

  • Elli learned to ride her bike this week - she can ride ALL by herself now!

  • missed Nathan's first PT appointment of the week - remembered an hour before and then forgot? 

  • my Core A came! It looks fantastic and I can't wait! I am anxious to order the older boy's cores now! When the box came, Nathan eyed it and asked who's core it was. I said Mali and Elli's, but asked if he was hoping (even a tiny bit) that it was his and he said yes. :) Jordan didn't give the box a second look, LOL! He is so ready to be done and not think about school for the summer. (I did end up ordering Nathan's core this week as well). 

  • I helped coach Elli's team this week. It was fun. Dylan was a helper along with another family that we coached with. Dylan was so good about encouraging each little girl. He coached most of the girls in Itty Bitty so he knew their names and several knew him already as Coach Dylan. :) I was pleased with how he spoke to them and how well he worked with the other boy.  Bo sat on the sidelines and ate organic strawberry cereal bars. He ate several and wanted more, but he was so good to stay on the sidelines. 

  • Jordan had a game in Gillette and his last team dinner. 

  • we are getting close to the end of soccer season ~ 1 more week for Jordan, Mali and Elli and 2 more weeks for Dylan.

  • I am organizing books and making piles of books to giveaway and/or sell. 

  • we started our row of Follow the Drinking Gourd

  • Malachi finished up all of his basics in school and I decided that we will do LA1 at an accelerated pace over the summer to make sure he is ready for LA2. 

  • we went on a road trip to Costco to get groceries and to Best Buy to buy a Macbook Pro. Luke and the boys wanted one of their own and it made sense that I get a new one and they take the old one. It will be so nice to have 2 computers with all these boys that want to use it (and some that need to use it for school). 

All my pics are of my girl this week! 

She is so happy that she can ride her bike! She looks so proud. :) 

Love this girl!!!

She bought this dress at Costco with her $10 that she has been saving for MONTHS.

Her other ballerina dress was getting too small and she still loves ballerinas. :) 

She is so excited that we just pulled her loose tooth using the floss trick ~ you make a loop with the floss,

put it around the tooth, and pull. She let me pull and it didn't hurt.

My Elle Belle is growing up!