Project 52 {Week 19}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 19.

May 6th - 12th.

This week. . .

Monkeying around. 

She's so light and agile, she can easily make it across. 

Malachi on the other hand is solid, so he cannot. 

This is how I feel sometimes. It's within my grasp, but just. can't. reach. it. 

Hiding his toes from Mommy's "gonna get your toes!" :)

Whee whoo whee woo! 

"I can drive the fire truck, fight fires too. . ."

Luke, the three youngest and I took a walk to Kendrick on Sabbath. It was busy, so we had a whirlwind of a time playing before walking home. The weather has been so nice! 

We did lots of Sonlight this week (the dates are stamped in the IG) and read ahead several weeks in a few books and even finished a few that seemed to be dragging out. Malachi wowed me with how much LA1 he got done (5 weeks in 4 days!). I want to make sure he is ready for LA2 and so far it has been good for him. He does not like to do the copy work (he thinks it is hard to write that much), but he should be able to write this much by now. I think I have been too easy on him.  I'm really excited for our Sonlight journey! 

Nathan's core arrived this week (Core H). I have not had a chance to look through the IG yet. The books look great though! I have them in a box for our "box day." We will have a "box day" party! Um, maybe closer to when school starts. :) I doubt they will be as excited as I am, since the school year just ended. 

I'm still waiting on the IG's (either Core F or G) and finances before ordering the other cores, but I am itching to order Jordan's (Core 100) since I can (since it is available). 

We had friends over for dinner this week. We played games (Pop style) around the table ~ it was a lot of fun. We played spoons, My Buddy, and Booyah (a game Luke made up with homemade cards that he had the kids help make) and had a picnic style dinner (fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad and homemade mac and cheese). 

It was a good week to work on my Project Life, too. And yay! for being able to order photos from Walgreens finally. (Still not taking the online coupon, but we are getting somewhere!). 

And we ended our week on a sweet note. :)

Sabbath Treat

Strawberry lemonade and vanilla cupcakes.

Life is busy (end of the school year, soccer season, phew!), but good.