Project 52 {Week 20}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 20

May 13th -19th

This week. . .

  • Nathan and Dylan’s soccer team won the Jr. High Championship

  • Luke had a BBQ at the Y for the playoffs.

  • Elli, Mali , Boaz and I all got out hair cuts! Elli and I cut ours to our shoulders! I had to be talked into it, but I think they are cute. :) I will miss Bo’s baby curls. He looks so grown up now.

  • Mali and Elli got chocolate dipped ice cream cones after their haircuts. Bo had got a fruit popsicle after his. 

  • I am reading at night before bed with Mali and Elli - sometimes a good hour or two. 

  • Malachi is doing well on his reading and Language Arts.

  • I ordered the rest of our cores for the coming school year! So happy to be done ordering.

  • I did Tot School with Boaz! The painting didn’t go over well, but the buttons in the can did!

  • We went to Billings for Sabbath services.

  • Bo, I love how you climbed up on Elli and smothered her with kisses at our fellowship dinner. ♥

Last game of the season. 

Love how the whole team runs to Nathan at the end of the game. 

Elli getting her hair cut. 

The lovely Miss Shannon who talked me into cutting my hair after she did Elli's. 

Chocolate dipped cones to go along with our row of All Those Secrets of the World. :) 

No pics getting his hair cut, cuz I had to hold him. 

It's shorter than I wanted, but he is still so cute. :)

Capturing the little ones in bed while I read to them. 

Elli and her owie - I think likes the Hello Kitty bandaids. :)

Painting with a paint brush. 

My hair. I had 9 inches taken off. I was brave enough after all. :) 

Buttons in a can. 

Learning to unwrap a Tootsie Roll. :) 

Love this girl. ♥

'Nother day trip. 

Riding next to Bo so he doesn't fuss.  

My hair cut. Did I mention that I love how EASY it is? I use a flat iron on it most days, but I wear it down much more.

Boys in the back seat. 

Watching Nathan play his iPod. 


Entertainment on the road. :) 

Did I mention that soccer season is o-v-e-r? Life will ease up a bit now (I hope!).