Project 52 {Week 21}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 21.

May 20th-26th.

This week. . .

  • We had our usual cleaning day on Sunday, but it ended with PIZZA!

  • We are planning for a road trip this weekend.

  • Our Sonlight orders arrived! Box day for me!

  • Malachi rocked on his Sonlight LA.

  • Nathan is off his crutches!

My Sonlight order! 

Notes to my family:

Bo, I love how you hug and snuggle me. I love how you can “kiss” now. You pucker your lips and plant a good kiss. You give high fives and the cutest “knuckles.” (Dylan taught you that).

Elli, I love how girly you are and the fun we had trying on clothes at JC Penny’s. You look so pretty in your new dresses! And that you can’t wait for church to wear them!

Malachi, you are amazing me with how well you are doing with your Sonlight Language Arts and your reading! You read a Curious George book this week and sounded out some big words!

Nathan, I appreciate your help in the kitchen, even though you don’t have soccer to go play. I pray you have a fun summer even though you are in rehab for your knee.

Jordan, I appreciate your help working on the blue truck - exhaust, shocks, oil, wow!

Dylan, I am wowed by how well you are helping around the house the past week!

Luke, I appreciate how patient you are and that you are taking it easy on us with the house. :)

Road trip. . .

The Jefferson River

Hot Pool

The water in the pool is usually so hot that you have to add cold water from the river.

It was chilly so the pool was perfect!

Bo even joined us in the hot pool (sitting on my lap with just his legs in the water because it was too hot). 

What Jordan calls his "cheesy smile", but I think it is cute. 

On Sabbath morning, we drove to Missoula for services (we drove through snow in the pass!) After Sabbath service, the teens got together for a spaghetti dinner and Luke and I and the younger kids met 2 other families for a picnic style dinner back at the hotel.

Some of the boys getting ready to play ultimate frisbee at the park.

That night we took the kids swimming in the pool ~ as promised! Then headed back up to our 2 rooms (we stayed at the Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn in Missoula where the services were being held).

More to come on our trip. . . next "week!"