Homeschool Curriculum 2012-2013

I've already shared why we decided not to go with My Father's World this year, and why we chose Sonlight, so here is the final line up, purchased, and ready to go! Going to say up front that choosing Sonlight was not an inexpensive choice, but a choice that I believe is worth every penny. And while not every Sonlight selection is a good fit for our family, I think we will still have a very full and wonderful year of learning!

We're using Sonlight Cores A, F, H, and 100.

Jordan - 11th grade

I had Jordan haul his boxes up to his room and help me unpack.  He had the box half empty in no time, so I said, "You are supposed to ooh and ahh over the books and spend hours looking through them! Don't they look great?!" He replied with something like, "Well, there are so many."  Not exactly the "box day" I had anticipated (ha ha), but I knew better.

Jordan is teaching himself mechanics, apprenticing under a self-taught mechanic, and just bought his first diesel truck ~ a Ford Powerstroke, and that is the only classroom he really wants to be in.  I did tell him that I only have two cores left for him to finish high school and that he is welcome to double up to finish early, but I think that might scar him for life to do that much school, ha ha!

Still, I am banking on Sonlight's Love to Learn guarantee. And I am hoping that he will have a great year. And, of course, he will have plenty of time to work on his truck, as well.

 History, Bible, Literature, LA: Sonlight Core 100 {American History} with BJU American Govt.

Week 1: History, Bible and Literature

Science: Apologia Biology with Sonlight's schedule

Math: Life of Fred ~ Advanced Algebra {as serious as it needs to be}

And somewhere around here is Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 2.

Jordan is not planning to play high school sports this year, but he will ref, coach and play in the adult volleyball and soccer league through the Y.

Nathan - 8th/9th grade

Nathan is doing Core H {World History Part 2} for History, Bible, Literature and LA, Apologia for Physical Science, Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 2 and Beginning Algebra for math. He is ready to work independently with parent-guided interaction and will do the read-alouds as readers.

Dylan - 7th grade

Dylan is my sweet and super smart boy, but it is very hard to get him to stay on task, so I am separating him from Nathan for the first time this year.  He is using Core F {Eastern Hemispheres} for History, Bible, Literature and LA, Apologia for General Science, and Life of Fred for Pre-Algebra I.

Core H and F on the shelf {I have their cores in weekly binders like I do for Core A}
All three boys will be using Student News Daily for Current Events {which is scheduled for them!}.

The boys will continue through All About Spelling (Levels 5 and 6) and start Winston Grammar (basic for the middle boys and advanced for the oldest, if I can pin him down).

Nathan, Dylan and Malachi will do P.E. and team sports through the Y.

Eliana - Kindergarten & Malachi - 2nd grade

I've already shared my curriculum choices for Malachi and Eliana and we are plugging away nicely with our head start - in fact, we just finished our first quarter (week 9).  We tend to be lax on the basics in the summer (math and LA), but we will pick up the pace when we are officially back to school.

For Literature, Language Arts, History, Geography, Science and Art we are using Sonlight Core A {click to see a detailed post on what we are using!} with selections from Five in a Row volume 3. We are also using All About ReadingAll About Spelling and Singapore Math.

Baby Bo {unschooler extraordinaire} 

Boaz is my 19 month old baby who is very curious, very busy, and an all around natural learner. In fact, he initiates his own "tot school." He pours, scoops, transfers, spoons, mixes, and more all on his own. I'm starting to capitalize on his productiveness by simply giving him more tools to work with and the freedom to play. 

About once a week, I pull an activity from Slow and Steady Get Me Ready, and I may set out some practical life trays, but knowing him, he is more inclined to initiate his own activities. {I gave up on keeping up with his shelves that I started last year - his interest in playing "toys" is very short lived.}

At nap time, I read him a story, sing him a song (I like to sing the abcs and 123s) and we talk about our day. I tell him all the things he did and he nods his head.  I love this sweet time with him. ♥

Our first official day of homeschool is August 27th!

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