Reading Bottle {Relax Bottle} by Eliana

We made a Relax Bottle to use for reading.

First, we mixed warm water in a glass jar with a bottle of glitter glue. I stirred it with a whisk until the glue was melted.

Then my mom poured the mixture into the water bottle [Smart Water bottle] and I poured sparkles into the water to sparkle it up. 

Here it is all done!

It takes 50 hours for the glitter to settle down. [About 15 minutes] :) 

[What do you like about it?]

I like to talk to it.  [LOL] 

I like to look at it and play with it. [Make sure to use super glue on the cap!]

I look at it while my mom reads to me.

My mom reads me Sonlight

["What is your favorite book so far?]

All the books are my favorite. ♥

[See the link above for more detailed instructions on how to make one!]


  1. My boy has autism, HE LOVE sparkling and shinny things... but he is also very impatient while doing his homework and reading time ! I am definetly bulding this for him !!!