Our Homeschool Home | August 2012

I've only made a few changes and rearranges since I shared our "school room" last year, but I needed motivation to get my house back in order before school starts. . .  and blogging does that for me!

First, a few things:
  • We do not have a dedicated school room. We school all over our home, including the dining room, living room and office (where we do most of our school), bedrooms, and kitchen (where we do cooking projects and science experiments). But, I do have a few dedicated school "spaces" in our home.
  • We do not own our home (we rent).   
  • My husband likes simple and clutter free and I like practical! We are always trying to simplify, de-clutter and make better use of our space.  This is just how our home looks right now and it is always subject to change. 
  • Cleaning the learning areas in my house turned into cleaning the whole house, but [sigh] I wish it would stay that way!
Dinning Room

We school at the dining room table {we also eat there!}

The World Map is under heavy premium clear vinyl that I buy
for $2.97/yard at W@lm@rt. 

For more info on the calendar, see my Core A post.
(I am using the journal prompts as conversation/story starters at the dinner table). 

Core F and Core H books. 

Bottom half of the China cabinet houses puzzles and games.

Bo's toys in the bottom half of the red cabinet - which he never plays with. 

All About Learning Corner.
I sit on the footstool and it moves to couch when I read. 
Living Room

Where we do lots of reading! I usually pull up the footstool to prop my feet up,
or use it to pile our Core A schedule and books on.
Jordan's Room

Jordan's desk in his bedroom (after I dusted the books, ha!) with books from Week 1 {still} all laid out for him!

The desk is where I pull books for the upcoming week and right now it is also covered with pizza boxes, books and supplies for an upcoming row. The far table is for Project Life (supplies are in the desk drawers and my albums are under the table).  For longer projects, I clear this table and use it instead of the dinner table!)

I share a bit on my facebook page of my week of cleaning, but let's just say that it was an overwhelming job and I am just so happy that is is clean! 

Computer/school table in the back on the opposite wall (I work with Mali and Elli here a lot).  

Another school desk - for Dylan {Core F}. I put him in here to {hopefully} lessen distractions.
Since I am asked so much, the rotating desk organizer is The Desk Apprentice

School supplies

This year, I am going to share two more rooms in our home. . . 

Our play room is now a bedroom, but we do quite a bit of reading at bedtime, so I am sharing Malachi and Eliana's bedroom (plus I needed the motivation to clean and organize it!). 

The beds before were not bunked and all of our baskets for organizing were missing so I snagged some clear plastic shoe boxes (left over from our workbox days) and organized! 

I had just set these up for Bo (in my room), but he was more interested in rearranging
the boxes and toys than playing, so I put them in the kids' room.
Malachi and Eliana's Room

Malachi and Eliana share a room. 

The bed is turned around and the ladder is missing for a reason - to keep Bo from climbing up!

This was first Eliana's room, hence the "girly." (Malachi was in with Nathan and Dylan.)
Those are jellyfish hanging in the window!

The Kitchen

Bo playing the "drums" with a wooden spoon. :)
Bo is constantly playing with the water from the Berkies, so I set up a water container
to not only play in, but also to catch the water! 

He's always so busy watching us and doing everything we do. 

Reading the liquid measurement? 

Well. . . ready or not, here I come. School starts next Monday, the 27th. 

Almost forgot. . .  my second annual no-makeup, no shower, haven't even combed my hair PHOTO! Cuz that is what I look like when I am in cleaning mode! oh, and well, maybe everyday until noon when my husband comes home for lunch and I can finally take a SHOWER!!! :) 

Photograph by Eliana 
{at her request!}