Project 52 {Week 33}

August 12-18th

This week. . .

So, I started off with a goal to surprise my husband. . .

I was even thinking I would get all the laundry done! But, I should have known better ~ like I am going to advance the house while he is gone?! I can barely maintain when he is HERE! This. . . this is a lot of work.

So, I just focused on the learning areas. My goal was the flat surfaces in my office/school room, and was in a good place throughout the week ~

Plan B: I was so overwhelmed and desperate to see SOME progress, I pulled EVERYthing on the floor in my office and closet and piled it up on the living room floor!

I stopped updating my status {who really cares?!} LOL. I don't need to share for me ~ I share because my Delightful Learning readers don't seem to think that I am NORMAL! {Real life happens here, too!}

I've always thought the best way to clean a closet is to pull everything out and only put back what you want to keep, but Luke's boss said that he grew up in a big family and they did this once a year with their whole house! Really makes you think about what you would really put back if you did THAT!

I'm down to just a few boxes - some files I pulled out of the living room desk when I put it in Jordan's room (ahem, a YEAR ago!), a box of books and maybe another box of random stuff (where do you put that kind of stuff?).

But, my office looks amazingly clean! :) :) :)

I am off to a fabulous new week (week 34) and cleaning the learning areas in my house turned into cleaning the whole house {Praise Father!}. If only it would stay that way!

I have more to share on this week. . . soon!

Organizing Bo's clothes/new fall clothes.