Let's Click: 18 years + More Milestones

Here are my captured moments that made this week special.

I took an unplanned spring break this week to focus on some work around the house and some extra school projects. I took out at least 5 tall kitchen sacks full of junk or trash from the house this week. Here is one I took from the kid's room (on my phone, edited with PicTapGo).

My goal was to take one out one trash bag from each room. Next, my plan is to go through each room and fill up a box of stuff to donate. My mission: declutter so the house is easier to keep clean.

I made Trim Healthy Mama Mini Cheesecakes! Filled with berries and real whipped cream sweetened with Truvia. (Last week I made a strawberry cheesecake to take to church and I really can't believe I took so long to make this recipe!)

Today (March 26th), we not only celebrated 18 years of Jordan's life (a day early), but I also celebrated 18 years of being a mom! I feel so accomplished, haha! :D

This was all sort of last minute, which made it perfect for a surprise! And by last minute, I mean that I was on my way home from Subway with the balloons and sandwich when he called me - less than two minutes behind me on the same road, haha! I barely made it home in time to put everything on the table before he got here. (Of course, it was premeditated, as you have to order the sub 24 hours in advance.)

I had already given Jordan his gift - cash to help him go on a road trip across 3 states for spring break, so he wasn't expecting anything, and that made it all the more fun. :D  And Subway is one of his favs. Except to make it special, I got the 36 inch sandwich, with chips and pop to go along. (I even had a sandwich!)

And Jordan's favorite - Dairy Queen Blizzard Cake in his favorite Blizzard flavor - Chocolate Extreme.

Really thankful for the wonderful young man that he is, and even if he drives me crazy at times, he's still a great kid.

On Friday, March 28th, he had his interview for the Diesel Technology Program at Sheridan College - the director that interviewed him said he'd be letting him know within 3 weeks if he will be accepted, but he told Jordan not to sweat it while waiting. ;-) He got a call today (4/1) that he has been accepted!! Yay! I'm so excited for him. This kid never wanted to go to college, and now here he is - with an A in college English 1010, and an A or B in Government (he got a B on his first exam, but has As on all his quizzes), and about to go into a program of study. This is also my kid that never really liked "school." So happy I homeschooled him - I think it was the best thing for him.

Now, if that cake wasn't enough sugar for the week, I had to go and make a fruit pizza for some art fun the very next day. I love fruit pizza, and had a harder time staying out of it than the cake - and regretted it, oy! Sugar, or the withdrawal from sugar, really makes me grumpy. And then I started to crave it for at least 2 or 3 days after.  Oh, I was in misery.

But, oh, was it fun! We made a silicone muffin tin artist palette and decorated a frosted sugar cookie artist palette with the fruit!

This was a mini "Box Day" celebration for an art curriculum that we are doing ~ Artistic Pursuits. We never had a Box Day for Core C and when Elli asked about it, I started to think about an alternative, and since we got a big box of art supplies, and a brand new art curriculum, I thought this would be a fun substitute. {Just wish I hadn't indulged so much.}

Almost forgot! Nathan got his learner's permit today, too. I will have to remember to add the photo I took on my phone. It was the same time of year (within a day), and same spring snowstormy day as when Jordan got his learners permit. And he asks to drive EVERYwhere.

Nathan is playing High School soccer for the Broncs. He is a freshman starting on the JV A Team and I went to see his first home game on Friday.

They won! And don't let that green field fool you - it's turf. And the blue sky - deceiving. It was very cold. (Note the snow on the hills in the background).  In fact, we got several  more inches of snow this week. Talk about ready for spring! I most definitely am, but praising God for the moisture as well.