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Preschool with Bo Unit 3: Letter C, God Blesses Abraham

Welcome to Unit 3 of Little Hands to Heaven and Week 4 of preschool with Bo. We really had a lot of fun last week rowing We're Going on a Bear Hunt, but all of our weeks can't be that fun, or else I would burn out. And that's no fun at all. So this week, we are back to a more structured schedule following the guide for LH. This week Bo is learning about the Letter C and Abraham. I was sick the first part of the week, so we started half way through Week 7 and finished in Week 8. If you follow along with all of my posts, you will see that many of our weeks overlap a little. And you will also see a little of what I am doing with the other children during the week as well.  See our preschool curriculum and plans and a detailed Week 1 to see more details on what we are doing.

~Bo is 3 years, 2 months~

Days 1 - 2

We read the story of Abraham and each day focused on a different part of the story.

Math Activity ~ Learning My Name

Bo can spell and read his nickname, so we practiced spelling and saying his full name.

Bible Activity

Abraham packed and left as God told him to do, so we continued working in our counting book by adding three pieces of luggage (I didn't imagine that Abraham had suitcases, so the bags we found in my Mary Jane's Farm magazine worked just fine, I thought.)

Counting 1 - 2 - 3.

Letter Activity 

We did Animal ABC's C is for Caterpillar instead of gluing cotton balls to a letter C. It's just easier to store these letter activities, and Bo likes the various animals. I add this because I notice that many who use HOD like to use it as is with no extras, and that's perfectly fine, if that works for them. There is really no need to change anything in the guide, but it is a convenience for me when I do. Sometimes an alternate activity is just easier, too.

Also, I keep forgetting to do anything fun with these (like painting the C before we glue down the caterpillars), but Bo is really intent on cutting.

Bible Activity ~ Act Out the Bible Story

This was fun activity in which we read the story and acted it out using stuffed animals.

Then I had a brilliant idea to use the long, wavy grass from our row last week to help us act out the story.

Lot wanted the best land with the most grass, so we divided the grass so.

Bo was real engaged with the story this way.

And he learned that Abraham trusted God to let Lot choose the best land, and God blessed Abraham in return.

Devotional Activity

In Big Thoughts for Little People,* we read C is for Crying and we talked about when it is okay to cry (when you are hurt), and when it's not okay to cry (when you are not really hurt). Bo had developed a whiney "fake" cry (you know the kind?), when he didn't get his way, so this was a really helpful lesson. I reminded him of the story many times over the week and into the next, and he eventually stopped. I like how it explains that crying will help you feel better, but if you are not really hurt, smiling will also help you feel better.

As always, Bo enjoys the fun pictures.

Day 3, 4 & 5


Bo does not enjoy the fingerplay each week and that's okay. The words are hard for him to say. I've been doing the whole fingerplay for him once each week, and then focus on one verse thereafter. This week it was "Clippity, Clippity, C-C-Clack! God tells Abraham You must pack." This one was especially hard because Bo can't say the /k/ sound. We worked on making a coughing sound all week, but no go.

Letter Activity 

Driving cars on a masking tape Letter C.

Bible Activities/Dramatic Play

Just a note: I'm not doing all of the drama activities  - this is the hardest part of the guide for me. Role playing is not my strongest talent. I'd much rather make or create something. So, if I can, I will substitute the drama for a craft.

Art Activity ~ God's Promise to Abraham

Bo colored on an index card and I folded it in half to be a tent. Then Bo painted gold glitter on a piece of black paper to represent the stars in the sky.

Then I was inspired to pull out the Passover set I shared in my Ancient Egypt post and use the Bible characters to act out the story.

Abraham and the Angel of God

Abraham and the Three Visitors

Dramatic Play

We acted out the scene of the three visitors and had a picnic of juice boxes and natural fruit gummy snacks - a lesson from the manual. I strung an extra long jump rope across the room and hung a blanket over it to make a tent. Then the kids acted out the scene with stuffed animals. I wasn't feeling well, so this required extra effort on my part so after I got it all set up, I just let the kids play and enjoy their snack.

Letter Activity ~ Hide and Seek 'C'  

Active Exploration

Just as Isaac grew up and changed, Bo is changing, too. We looked at baby pictures and talked about how Bo has changed since he was a baby. Of course, I love any excuse to pull out my Project Life albums!

Some of my pages have a QR code that is linked to a video on YouTube. So, I played a video of Bo's first laugh. It was a fun belly aching laugh where Jordan is making him laugh by blowing on his tummy, and I enjoyed watching it with Bo.

Elli enjoyed this lesson with Bo, too.

Animal ABCs ~ 'c' is for Camel 

The camel ties into next week's theme, so I left it for very last.

Well, despite being sick, and this unit spanning two weeks, I'm thankful that we got done as much as we did.