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Preschool with Bo Unit 2: Letter B, Boat, Noah's Ark

Welcome to week 2 of preschool with Bo! This week happened during week 5 of 2014. I shared a detailed 1st week, as well as our curriculum and plans, so this week, I will not be as detailed, but I will certainly share the highlights with lots of pictures! This week is also a little different in that we did Little Hands to Heaven Unit 2, along with Noah's Ark from Sonlight P 3/4, and also did some fun edible crafts to go along!

~Boaz is 3 years, 1 month old~ 

Bo went right for Big Thoughts for Little People again this week! "B is for behave."

He's tracing the B with his finger while I read the page to him. Jesus said, "If you love me, obey me." Love all the things to talk about on this page, and the questions, too.

Number Two

I gave Bo two felt hands to use, but kind of wished I would have used his two handprints, instead.

Books we read from this week.

Noah's Ark Craft

I love practical crafts and this one from Meaningful Mama was perfect - edible, fun, and Bo loved it. I cut out the ark, and outlined the rainbow for him to color in.

Then we loaded up the ark with lots of animals!

2 by 2 they entered the Ark! Bo LOVED this! He carried it around for days.

Our Letter B from Animal ABCs that tied into our Little Hands fingerplay.  . .

The first verse of our fingerplay: Noah's Big Boat
Two big bears got on the boat.

The rains came down,

and the boat did float.

B. . . B. . . B. . .

The animals played and played,

And Noah heard the big bears say,

Grrr! Grrr! Grrr!
There are five verses total and each one is a different animal that starts with a B.

Finding a Rainbow {reflecting light to produce a rainbow on the CD - an activity from My First Hands-On Bible}

Making a Rainbow with his hands {another activity from My First Hands-On Bible}

Make an Edible Rainbow

Transferring with Tongs

I really love how he stood the fruit up to make his rainbow fit on the plate.

Followed with whipped cream clouds!

Eliana made one with us, too. In fact, she has been helping me with Bo's school.

Float or Sink

Really love his reaction when the wood floated! {Noah's ark was made out of wood!}

I got a video of Bo during this activity and it is a really good indication of his speech progress at this point. It is such a sweet video of him talking. He says "float" and "sint" for sink (he can't say the /k/ sound). He still says "ing" for words he does not know how to say - at least I hear "ing," but he can't say the /g/ sound, so I'm not sure. He says "chickies" for chickens, and more. BUT, for some reason it saved as a JPEG in my iPhoto and I can't export it as a video. (Update: I dragged it to my desktop and was able to upload it manually to my site, and also to YouTube! (Thanks, Tara!).

He is doing well at speech therapy and we both love his new teacher. He now has private sessions for one hour a week, He prefers the private sessions as the learning environment is awesome, and his teacher is wonderful with Bo. You can see pics in my Let's Click Week 4 post. All speech therapy is done during gross motor or fine motor PLAY!

And we are still doing the Fermented Cod Liver Oil/high fat diet to nourish his brain. So thankful for the amazing effect it is having on him!

Hide and Seek B

He found all the letters this time! He named many of them, too!

Letter B Activity - Blocks on masking tape Bb's.

Letter Bb Pattern Blocks 

(See Confessions of a Homeschooler for the printable ABC block patterns.)

Bo in a Boat

This was his idea! We swung him in the blanket and sang "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

Afterwards, we made the lowercase b into an o {at his request!} to spell his name.

Letter B tracing and Making a B in Whipped Cream

This was such a fun and memorable week for Bo. Each week after this, he asked for "Noah's Art" (he can't say /k/ so he can't say ark). But, he asked for "Noah's Ark" for two whole weeks after this! And then again a couple weeks later! He loved this unit so much.