Let's Click: Snow, Snow, + Sunshine!

It really snowed a lot in week 9! What a contrast to a sunny end to week 10! I wasn't feeling well last week, and didn't take many photos, so I decided to put two weeks together. I also have an oral health "insert" in my post this week.

Week 9

February 23rd: I asked Bo why he had a pair of underwear on his head. "Me pirate," he says.

February 25th: Outside: Snow and ice.

Inside: My plant is thriving. . . because I'm "watering" it with ice. It's amazing how I almost always forget to water it, but remember now that I am using ice. I buy a bag of ice each week, and if I get a big chunk, I give it to the plant.

What's nice is when I drop ice on the floor, I remember to give it to the plant instead of tossing it in the sink. I got this nifty tip from Elise Blaha :: enJOY it.: a simple but life changing indoor plant tip. I need to dust it next.

February 27th:  I took Eliana to the college for Kindergarden Day at the Dental Hygiene Clinic. She's not a Kindergardener, and stood almost a head taller as a 1st grader, but I snuck her in with a private school so she could see where I went to school. The theme was a circus and she enjoyed the skit and the quick tour.

In fact, when we got home, she wrote down all that she could remember so she could recreate the skit. It was so fun. I was a valley girl who loves to eat cotton candy, and my teeth are rotting out because I never brush my teeth. (I had gummy candy stuck in my teeth to make my teeth look rotten.) Luke was a juggler. Bo did a flaming hoop dive trick. Malachi was a bear, and taught us about flossing your teeth every day. Eliana was a lion who taught us the importance of brushing your teeth two times a day. She even showed us how, by moving your toothbrush in circles (at an angle to your gums).

February 28th: Jordan, my 17 year old (who turns 18 this month!), sold "the love of his life" - his Ford Powerstroke. This is the truck that when he came home, he told me he was in love, and asked for my blessing to propose, haha! He put a lot of work into and sold it for less than he wanted, but he still made $1100. He sold it for $6100 and I don't think I've EVER seen that much cash laid out on the table before.

He paid off his car and is saving the rest. He was a little sad about it, but I reminded him of how much fun he will have this summer - the road trip of his life awaits him! I know he will make some wonderful memories in that car and with only having 79,000 miles on it, it is much more reliable, and gets better gas mileage. (That's why I think a sports car was a practical decision!)

March 1st: I wasn't feeling well today. We had church at home. Kids played.

Week 10

Sunday, March 2nd: I must have been sick or having a hard day today.

Monday, March 3rd: My coffee table these days. . .

We are on Week 5 in Core C, and Week 17 in Core G. I'm technically ahead in History with Core C, and behind with Core G, but I don't consider us to actually be behind because we've already completed a year of Mystery of History this school year, and we are moving through Core G quickly. We've also completed the first Quarter in MOH 2.

Tuesday, March 4th: We started our day with Trim Healthy Mama pancakes!

It was a beautiful sunny day, and after such cold weather, the kids enjoyed playing outside today.

And I was excited to get out of the house and do a little thrift store shopping with the kids. I found a few things for our home school.

Wednesday, March 5th: Hiding out in my room to do some FIAR planning!

Thursday, March 6th: Finishing up a review that is due next week. I caught Dylan peering over at Nathan's paper, hehe. (He's just taking notes from a lecture).

Friday, March 7th: Not the greatest pic, but this was the scene outside our home today, as the city removed all the trees on our street, including the two flowering crab apple trees in front of our home.

I was sad when I saw they had mark them for removal. These are the trees that we use for our seasonal tree study, but they are the same trees that bring me hope with their first budding signs of spring, their pretty pink flowers in mid spring, bright green leaves in early summer, and bright orange leaves in the fall. I will miss them!

We met some friends to do an art project today.

We did a lesson on drawing the contour, or outline, of an object. Our objects were a container and 2 pieces of fruit. I was especially impressed with Bo's drawings because he not only followed the directions, using three different types of media, he drew them quickly, and without inhibition. The other kids were more nervous to draw the contour, but Bo just drew it matter of fact.  He must have enjoyed this because he drew the outline of the objects several times, one on top of the other.

Saturday, March 8th: Broiled grapefruit? This is a recipe from Trim Healthy Mama. I don't think I shall make it again. I don't like sweet or hot grapefruit. I like it tart and chilled.