Let's Click: One foot in front of the other

I knew this was going to be a hard week - the kind where I have to put one foot in front of the other to get through. And that is just what I did, but I didn't know we would have sickness on top of it. Two boys had orthodontic appointments and I had a 3 hour dental hygiene appointment to gather data (1st year student at the college and the cleanings are only $10, so I can't complain). Bo had speech therapy. Eliana had testing (SAT10) M-Th, on top of being sick all week. We are full swing into soccer as a family - Luke is working late writing schedules, finding coaches and refs, mending soccer nets, painting fields, and moving goals and bleachers with the boys, coaching and reffing (husband and oldest son), soccer practices (Nathan, Malachi, and Eliana), and soccer pictures. I was huddled under fleece blankets and too cold to even bother taking a pic on the soccer field at first, and then decided to snap one with my phone (but I will order digital pics from the photo shoot for my album for this week). Then Malachi, then Eliana, then me, and then Bo all had a mild case of the flu. Bo woke up several nights in a row crying and I could not comfort him as I usually do. We spent lots of time of me just holding him. Now several of us are fighting off colds. It has to be this cold, wet and windy weather and lack of sunshine. It was a relief to make it to the end of the week, but here are the moments that made it special. . .

First a pic of Nathan's first drive through experience. . .

A little celebration of him getting his learner's permit. Now, if I could just get him to make a complete stop at a stop sign. ;)

I scheduled orthodontic appointments for Malachi (a supra-erupted tooth I was concerned about) and Nathan (crowding in his front teeth and does need braces). Both boys has panos taken.

On Thursday, Luke took Eliana and I out to eat after she finished testing. I had a Naked Burrito Bowl with brown rice, black beans, and chicken. I ate half and took the rest home for the kids (who I left money with to pick up pizza). Luke had a grilled steak burrito, and Elli had the kid's chicken quesadilla. And it only cost us $0.79. :D (Luke had a $10 gift card, and we had a free entree coming.)

We got it to go and ate in the warm, sunny car, and to be honest, I enjoy this. Luke knows so many people that when we go out, he ends up talking to everyone. I enjoy the quiet intimacy in the car.

She doesn't look like she feels well. She hardly touched her quesadilla.

Bo and I huddled up on the field during the first soccer practice later that day.

Jordan had his 3rd English paper due on Friday. He had to write his own definition of success and how it applies to three people from the book, The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy.

From what he has shared with me, and from reading his paper, the book seems very interesting. Even more so interesting, is that this book is the spine of his English class.

He left his paper to the last minute. His teacher liked his definition of success, but he didn't tie his thesis into the paper enough. He got an 88%, which means he needs to revise it and turn it in again. Then she takes an average of the two scores as his final score. This is the first paper that he has gotten below a 90% - the cut off for having to revise.

This leaves him with a grade of 271/300 or a 90% in the class. His English final is scheduled for May 7th (10-12), and I know he will be relieved once he is done, though this is his favorite class, he likes his teacher, and it has been a good experience.

He also wrote a book review for his Government class on how guns have shaped American History, and that was due on Wednesday. This week they had a quiz, but half the class didn't show up so the ones that did didn't have to take it and got an A.

I worked with Eliana on Logic of English two days this week - on the days that she did not test in English.

I especially like this picture of her. She is looking so grown up to me.

Nathan is working on an R.O.V. (remote operated vehicle) submersible for a science fair project. I took lots of pics for my review, but here is a sneak peak.

He just finished taping a motor with electrical tape to waterproof it, and then soldered wires to one of the motors.

I completed a couple weeks of Core G History (half way through week 24) with Dylan and Malachi by listening to Story of the World and Mystery of History on audio. I got a portable speaker to use with my phone and I am happy to have it. Dylan is coming to me to do History so that he can earn back soccer (Luke did not put him on the roster because he is consistently lacking in doing his school and chores, among other things).

Malachi and Eliana are reviewing CTC Math with me. I didn't get to all of Eliana's subjects this week because she was testing, and neither Malachi's (except History), because of sickness and business.

God nudged me this week and reminded me that justice is His alone, that unforgiveness causes bitterness, and that He alone is sufficient.

I have a sore throat, but I am still feeling a little under the weather. Luke offered to get up with Bo so I could sleep last night.

I recently shared with a homeschool mom struggling with depression, some things that have helped me. Some of her symptoms matched my symptoms I was feeling all last year - extreme BURNOUT. I was overwhelmed with life and feeling like I was on the edge.  I share a bit of my personal struggles in my post on the Homeschool Mom. Through counseling and much answered prayer, I made it through a very hard year. I'm going to share some things that helped me (and are helping me NOW), because it is good for me to remember, especially now that I have extra work on my plate.

#1 thing I did was get more SLEEP! When I burn the midnight oil, night after night, I quickly become tired and irritable, have a harder time making decisions, et al. I burn out. And being burnt out feels like being depressed.

#2 I got help where I could, so I wasn’t feeling so overwhelmed. I wasn't able to hire much outside help (I had our carpets professionally cleaned, while we usually do them ourselves), but I purchased tools to help me around the house - a steam mop (because I was hand washing the floors), new bookshelves to organize curriculum, and little helps like that.

#3, I recently (2 months ago) quit sugar. It is amazing the power that sugar has on my mood! I’m super grumpy when I crash.

#4 I make sure to take vitamin D daily (the sunshine vitamin - 10,000 iu in winter and 5,000 iu in summer), and Methyl B12 two weeks before my period. This helps stabilize my hormones (so does healthy fats like coconut oil). “Depression” for me, I discovered, is largely a hormonal imbalance (on top of feeling overwhelmed by circumstances, which just exasperate it).

#5 Fresh air and sunshine (still waiting for spring here in Wyoming!). Sunshine really elevates my mood. I really need some of those special lights to help me get through winter.

So, all things to take care of myself – , sleep, nutrition/health, balancing hormones, and light play a key factor in my health and mental well being. Sharing these in hopes that it will help someone else, too.

A little spring sunshine will do me WONDERS. God willing, spring will come to Wyoming SOON!