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Preschool with Bo Unit 5: Letters A-D Review, Young Joseph

Welcome to Unit 5 of Little Hands to Heaven where we review Letters A-D, and learn about Young Joseph. I think this week starts in Week 10.  I don't really go in order with all our activities, and combine some, so won't list it by day this time. See our preschool curriculum and plans and a detailed Week 1 to see more details on what we are doing.

I also want to share an important update to our schedule. I am planning to sloooow down and do one letter over two weeks. The first week, I plan to do LHTH. The second week, I plan to do Animal ABCs and read books from Sonlight P3/4 or Before Five in a Row. Just wanted to let you know, as I know a few of you are following behind me in LHTH. :) I just really want to enjoy this time with Bo, and not feel so rushed.
~Bo is 3 years, 2.5 months~ 

Letter Activity ~ Hide and Seek Review

This week we reviewed all the flashcards and letters from the previous weeks, and did the Hide and Seek Review. Bo says in a cute voice, "Where's [the letter] hiding?"

Coat of Many Colors Snack

I was inspired by this pin (picture only, pin is broken) to make a healthy graham cracker Coat of Many Colors snack with fruit.

We used sweetened cream cheese for the frosting and added fruit.

It was fun watching them be creative to add color to their coat, and I loved that it was a healthy snack.

Letter Activity 

Our mini transparent dots came so we did the Hide and Seek page again, using a different color for each letter.

There were a lot of letters to find, so Bo wanted me to help.

Bible & Math Activity

I combined both lessons on Day 3 of the guide. Instead of finding five purses or wallets, I had Bo do the math coin rubbing activity on the Number 5 page for his 1-10 Counting Book.

Art Activity ~ Joseph's Colorful Coat

Bo painted colorful stripes on a coffee filter.

Letter Activity ~ Tablet Teachables {Alphabet Hunt}

These fun "tablet" style printables are from Whispered Abundance. I printed them two to a page (so they would be small like my iPhone) and laminated them to use with a wet erase marker, or transparent colorful tokens.

"Where's the D hiding?"

These were a lot of fun and I can see us getting good use out of these!

Letter Activity 

We made Play Dough Cookies again, this time I used flour and agave nectar (because I didn't have any sugar). Because the agave is liquid I had to increase the flour, so they tasted a little floury. Everyone (but me) liked and ate them, though. I added lemon essential oil, so they were like lemon sugar cookies.

Bo spent a lot of time making the B, so Elli and I made A, C, D, and also E for our next unit. :D (A little more overlapping here!)

Memory Making ~ A Gift for Bo 

This is inspired by the story, as well as the Bible Activity on Day 1 (just took me the week to get it ready, as I commissioned a homeschool girl to do some sewing for me). :D

A Coat of Many Colors for Bo!

Oh, he was so proud!

I had her make it out of a pillow case and felt I had on hand. She sewed the felt on to make a collar and arm holes, and put a band around the waist so I could add a rope tie.

Coat of Many Colors Texture Craft 

Joseph is one of my favorite stories in the Bible, and I wasn't ready to be done yet. I printed a Joseph's Coat Coloring Page on cardstock and gave Bo some colorful items with a variety of texture and we each made one.

We had a fun, and colorful week! :D